Maximizing Home Value Before Selling - What to Do...

Selling your home can be both exciting and daunting. You want to ensure that you get the best possible price for your property, and that often means making some strategic improvements and staging it effectively.

Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or a first-time seller, there are several simple steps you can take to maximize the resale value of your home without breaking the bank.

  1. Enhance Curb Appeal: The first impression matters, and the exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see. Simple enhancements like repainting the front door, adding potted plants, ensuring the lawn is well-maintained and that shrubs and bushes are trimmed, can significantly boost curb appeal without costing a fortune.
  2. Paint: A fresh coat of paint can work wonders in transforming the look and feel of your home. Think neutral and light colours that appeal to a broader audience and make rooms appear brighter and more spacious.
  3. Upgrade Kitchen & Bathrooms: Kitchen and bathrooms are key selling points for homes. While major renovations can be costly, you can make noticeable improvements by updating fixtures, replacing cabinet hardware, installing new faucets or refinishing cabinets.
  4. Declutter & Depersonalize: Clearing out clutter and personal items can help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space. Pack away family photos, excess knick-knacks and any other personal belongings that may distract buyers from seeing the potential of the home.
  5. Maximize Natural Light: Natural light can make a space feel more inviting and spacious. Remove heavy drapes or curtains, trim back overgrown bushes or trees blocking windows, and ensure that windows are clean to maximize the amount of natural light flowing into your home.
  6. Create Defined Spaces: Help buyers visualize the functionality of each room by defining its purpose. Arrange furniture in a way that highlights the rooms potential use, whether it’s a cozy reading nook, home office, or formal dining area.
  7. Invest in Minor Repairs: Attend to any minor repairs such as leaky faucets, squeaky doors, cracked tile, or chipped paint. While these may seem like small issues, they can signal neglect to potential buyers and distract them from the overall appeal of your home.
  8. Add Greenery and Flowers: Incorporating plants and flowers into your home to key areas such as the entryway, living room, or dining area adds a touch of freshness and colour.
  9. Consult with a Professional Stager: If you’re unsure about how to best showcase your home, consider hiring a professional stager. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations for optimizing the layout, décor, and overall presentation of your home to appeal to a wider audience.

These simple home improvements and staging tips can help you maximize the resale value of your home and attract potential buyers. Remember, it’s the little details that can make a big difference in how your home is perceived!

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Staging Costs in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Lately, I've noticed a recurring question from clients: "Is staging expensive?" It seems folks are grappling with whether the effort and expense are truly worthwhile.

The short answer is yes – staging is almost always worthwhile. 


But you do have to view the expense of staging as an investment – with figures usually starting from $1500 and going up from there for a whole home stage.

So, what exactly factors into home staging costs, you ask? Here's our take on how those fees come together:

  1. Consultation and Planning: It all kicks off with an initial consultation, where we, along with our stager dive into assessing the property, determining who our likely client will be, hashing out goals, and crafting a tailored staging plan. This stage requires a blend of design expertise, knowledge of market trends, and an intuitive grasp of buyer psychology.  For every listing, we pay a consultation fee to our stager to come and do a walk through of the property. In all honesty, this is likely one of the most value-adding parts of the process (especially when combined with professional photography and videography).
  2. Furniture and Accessories: A significant chunk of staging expenses goes into curating the right furniture and accessories to elevate the property's visual appeal. Think sofas, chairs, tables, rugs, artwork, lighting fixtures – you name it. Every piece is carefully selected to compliment the home's style and resonate with the target audience.  This furniture comes at a cost.  Sometimes stagers will actually rent the furniture from other outfits, if it means getting the right piece for your home.
  3. Vacant Home Considerations: Vacant properties often require a larger quantity of furnishings and accessories compared to occupied ones. Costs here can vary depending on factors like quantity, style, and size of the items tailored to each property's needs.
  4. Transportation and Logistics: Moving furniture and accessories to and from the property involves logistical coordination and transportation costs. Stagers have to factor in expenses like labour, delivery, setup, and removal, along with the need for suitable vehicles to transport the staging inventory.
  5. Staging Execution: On staging day, the team works its magic, arranging furniture and accessories to showcase the property's best features and create a cohesive aesthetic. This process demands skill, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure every room exudes visual appeal and charm.
  6. Professional Expertise: Behind the scenes, stagers invest in ongoing training, education, and certification to stay ahead of industry trends. Their expertise in design, marketing, and psychology enables them to stage properties effectively for maximum impact.
  7. Overhead: Like any business, staging companies shoulder overhead expenses such as insurance, warehousing, transportation, labour, utilities, marketing, and administrative costs. These overheads are factored into the overall cost of staging services.

Now, with all that being said, we understand that taking on the expense and effort of staging can be daunting. The numbers can seem quite steep, and there's always the lingering question: will your home even sell? That's why we offer our clients the option of rolling staging fees into the commissions.

It's worth noting that our base fee already covers what we feel are the essentials like consultation and planning, accessory staging (items sourced from our own inventory), and professional execution.

Adjustments to the fee structure typically only come into play when larger-scale projects require bringing in movers or ordering additional furniture to be installed.  But in general, we have tchotchkes, dining tables, chairs, bar stools, sofas, rugs, coffee tables, pillows, towels, throws, etc.  And those are available at no additional charge!

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Closing Costs in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Buying or selling a home in Manitoba involves more than just the purchase price, it also involves closing costs. Closing costs are additional expenses incurred beyond the homes purchase price, these fees cover various services essential for finalizing a real estate transaction.

Buyers Closing Costs:

For buyers, closing costs typically range from 1.5% to 3% of the homes purchase price, excluding the down payment. Several factors influence these costs, including specific terms of the offer and mortgage details.

  1. Contingencies in the offer: Depending on the offers terms, additional costs may arise. For example, if you would like a home inspection to be completed, this will typically cost around $500. While not mandatory, many buyers opt for a home inspection to ensure the property’s condition.
  2. Mortgage details: Mortgage terms and conditions, such as mortgage default insurance and appraisal fees can impact closing costs significantly.
  3. Legal Fees: Legal services and administrative fees are crucial for a smooth property transfer. These may include title searches, title insurance, and land transfer tax.
  4. Other costs: Additional closing costs for buyers may include property insurance, GST (for new or substantially renovated homes), and moving expenses.

Sellers Closing Costs:

Sellers also incur closing costs which include real estate commissions, legal fees, and any outstanding taxes or mortgage related expenses associated with the property. Additionally, sellers closing costs may also include the final water bill, and moving expenses.

Closing costs are an inevitable part of the purchase and sale process. Having a general understanding of what closing costs may apply to you will allow you to better prepare for the purchase or sale of a home and mitigate the risk encountering unforeseen fees during this process.

Looking for a quote on the expenses ahead? Please be sure to reach out.  I'm happy to help you gather the information you need to make your moving decision!

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Windsor Park Real Estate: A Testament to Growth in 2024

Windsor Park, a vibrant community within Winnipeg, which is experiencing a energetic shift in its real estate market, demonstrating strong growth and increased activity as we move through the first quarter of 2024. A detailed analysis of the latest statistics reveals significant trends that are shaping the market, making Windsor Park an area with promising potential for homebuyers and investors alike.

Surging Average Sale Prices

March 2024 has seen a remarkable surge in the average sale price to $370,100, a considerable jump from February's $336,350 and effortlessly surpassing the previous year's average of $361,454. This upward price momentum underscores a solid demand for homes in Windsor Park, emphasizing its allure and supporting the confidence of families eager to plant roots here.

Sales Volume and Listings: The Heat is On

March saw a remarkable leap in sales to 18, a substantial increase from February’s 7, laying the groundwork for a year that might well exceed the previous tally of 122 sales. This escalation, alongside climbing prices, outlines a fiercely competitive market. A scarcity of listings is met with high demand for premium homes, underscoring the urgency for buyers. The current landscape underscores a market brimming with potential yet restricted by the availability of new listings, nudging buyers towards swift decision-making.

Market Liquidity and Efficiency

Properties in Windsor Park are moving fast, maintaining a 7-day market presence similar to the previous month, and significantly outpacing the last quarter and year. This brisk turnover, coupled with an uptick in active listings to 20 from the previous 9, offers a glimmer of hope in an otherwise tight market. Yet, with a sales-to-active ratio of 90%, the demand for Windsor Park homes remains unyielded.

Windsor Park in the Greater Winnipeg Context

The overall Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board statistics for March and the first quarter of 2024 reflect a positive trend that is also mirrored in Windsor Park. With all MLS® sales up 11% from last year and the average residential detached MLS® price up 8%, Windsor Park is part of a broader pattern of growth within Winnipeg's real estate market.

Interest Rates and Future Outlook

The Bank of Canada's steady hand, maintaining the key interest rate at 5% for the sixth time, signals a conducive climate for the real estate market. This financial stability is anticipated to bolster confidence among buyers and investors in Windsor Park and beyond. With speculations of impending rate adjustments, all eyes are on the forthcoming June announcement, stirring a blend of anticipation and speculation.

Looking Forward

Windsor Park is showcasing signs of a thriving real estate market as we progress through 2024. With rising average sale prices, a competitive market environment, and quick sales turnover, Windsor Park is positioned as a desirable location for those looking to invest or find their next home in Winnipeg. As the market continues to evolve, potential buyers and sellers in Windsor Park will find opportunities in a community that is not only growing but thriving in the dynamic landscape of Winnipeg's real estate market.


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Living on South Drive in East Fort Garry, Winnipeg

It is an area we are often asked to assist on.  However, so few properties rarely come for sale along this stretch, and when they do - they are snapped up quickly!

Welcome to South Drive, where the dreams of homeownership align with the serene beauty of nature and a tight-knit community vibe all while meandering along the curves of the Red River. Here, each house tells a story, and no two are alike.  This is a street with promise of new beginnings while combining prestige and history. There are many memories yet to be made. South Drive isn't just about the homes for sale; it's about discovering a lifestyle that cherishes every sunrise, values neighbors as friends, and finds harmony in the balance of city convenience and natural beauty. If you're seeking a house that feels like home in a community that feels like family, your search begins here.


Real Estate Market Overview

Navigating the South Drive real estate options are like uncovering hidden gems. The market boasts a diverse array of houses, from charming vintage bungalows to modern architectural marvels, all reflecting the eclectic spirit of the community. However, the options come up quite seldom here - oftentimes properties are sold off market. With prices that range from above-average for Winnipeg all the way up to luxury price points. Riverfront lots always tend to sell for more.  There are opportunities that cater to a spectrum of aspirations and lifestyles here. Notable trends along South Drive include a growing demand for sustainable living features and spaces that blend indoor and outdoor living seamlessly. The variety available ensures that whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, there's a match for you on South Drive.


Buying a House on South Drive

Purchasing a house on South Drive is more than a transaction; it's a journey to finding your place within a vibrant community. Start by envisioning your ideal lifestyle: Do you dream of backyard barbecues, or is a quiet, cozy reading nook more your style? Understanding the essence of what makes a house a home for you will guide your search. Partner with a realtor who not only knows South Drive but loves it – someone who can provide insider insights into the nuances of the neighbourhood. Embrace the process, and remember, the right house on South Drive is not just about the walls that enclose it but the life that unfolds within them.  Truly. 

Logan and I have looked at a few properties for ourselves up and down South Drive over the years before we settled into what we now deem to be our forever home.  What we found for properties under $1 million were homes that had some challenges.  Perhaps not so straightforward renovations, ones in which structural engineers would need to be called upon.  Ultimately, many of the homes we toured in hopes of renovating were later demolished and new houses erected in their place.  And we get it, the lots are spectacular - most of the time.  The other challenge can be riverbank erosion.  There are several houses along South Drive with the most spectacular and deep backyards.  However, there are some that have seen their yards shrink due to riverbank errosion.

In our opinion, living on the river will always be worth the maintenance expenses that we must pay for riverbank stabilization.  However, we also realize it may not be for all - and that's okay.  There are always non-river options, too.

Neighbourhood Highlights

South Drive is a mosaic of scenic beauty, community spirit, and unparalleled convenience. Imagine living where the morning jog takes you along riverfront trails, where schools are more than institutions but pillars of the community, and where local shops and eateries are just minutes from the area. South Drive’s proximity to some of Winnipeg’s most esteemed schools, lush parks like Crescent Drive Park, and pathways make it a top contender for anyone looking to buy a house. It’s a community where life’s necessities meet the pleasures of living.


In Closing...

Ready to turn the page to the next chapter of your life in South Drive? Whether you’re dreaming of a home that whispers tranquility or one that screams adventure, let’s discover it together. Contact us today to explore houses for sale in South Drive and find the home that not just meets, but exceeds your expectations. Your journey to home starts here.  Reach out to us at

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Is Staging Worth It?  A Take from a Winnipeg Realtor’s Perspective

Let me save you the hassle of scrolling through this entire blog post – my response is a resounding YES!

In the current real estate landscape of Winnipeg, we're still riding the wave of a robust seller's market – homes are flying off the shelves, often fetching close to or even exceeding their list price, and bidding wars have become the norm. So, will your house likely fetch a handsome sum regardless? Most likely, yes.

However, here's the crucial question: could you potentially be leaving money on the table by skipping the staging process? My answer to that is also most likely, yes.

According to the 2023 Profile of Home Staging report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a staggering 81 percent of buyers' agents affirmed that staging significantly aids buyers in envisioning the property as their future home. Additionally, 20 percent of buyers' agents noted a price increase of 1-5 percent for staged homes compared to similar unstaged ones.

It's imperative to grasp the value staging adds to the selling journey. Staging is, essentially, marketing. By investing in professional home staging services, sellers can amplify the market appeal of their properties, attract a broader pool of buyers, and ultimately clinch a quicker and more lucrative sale. Moreover, it helps preemptively address potential objections buyers might raise.

realtors that stage in winnipegNow, who should ultimately bear the cost of staging? One common concern we encounter is the expense associated with staging, and indeed, it can add up. However, on our team, we often shoulder the burden of staging costs. Nevertheless, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

We always cover the expense of the staging consultation, which involves a comprehensive room-by-room discussion and plan, not just a walkthrough with the Realtor, but also with our stager. We strive to work with your existing furniture whenever feasible, as long as it effectively showcases the space. In cases where additional items are needed – what we term an accessory stage – there's usually no extra charge if they're sourced from our staging inventory, which includes a plethora of items ranging from couches, chairs, bar stools, beds, and dining tables to artwork and rugs. We quite literally, have it all.

Of course, there are instances where more extensive staging is warranted. For example, in the case of a vacant home where our existing inventory wouldn't quite fill-out the space, and professional movers are required to transport items, additional fees may come into play. However, such scenarios are relatively rare, and we always engage in thorough consultations with our clients to devise a tailored plan. In some cases, alternative solutions like virtual staging or targeted staging for specific problematic areas of the home may also be explored (also services that we cover). Regardless of any fees involved, we ensure that the investment in staging yields significant returns.

We afford our clients the flexibility to either cover the staging costs upfront or roll them into the commissions. While some Realtors staunchly advocate for sellers to foot the staging bill upfront, given that they stand to reap the greatest financial rewards, I also recognize the substantial benefits of presenting a properly staged home. We take immense pride in the meticulous attention we devote to presenting our listings in the best possible light.

But yes, staging is 100% worth the expense. I have yet to encounter a situation in which the staging did not pay for itself in the sale proceeds

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Navigating the Post-Offer Phase: What Happens After Your Offer is Accepted

Congratulations! Your offer has been accepted. Before you start celebrating, there are crucial steps to navigate in the post-offer phase. While you may think most of the work is done, this is the time you need to ensure you are on top of everything, listening to your Realtor, & meeting deadlines. For many buyers, the post-offer phase can seem mysterious. While much focus is placed on finding the perfect home and making an offer, what happens after is equally important.

Securing Your Deposit:

Once both parties have signed the offer to purchase confirming acceptance of your bid, your Realtor will likely arrange for the collection of your deposit. This deposit isn’t just a financial commitment; it demonstrates your intent to proceed with the purchase. Typically, the deposit is required within 24 hours of acceptance and can be made through a bank draft, certified cheque, or e-transfer.

Meeting Condition Deadlines:

Many offers come with conditions or contingencies that must be fulfilled within specified deadlines. Common conditions include financing approval and a home inspection. These deadlines typically range from 3-7 days from acceptance. Effective scheduling and communication with your bank, inspector, and Realtor are crucial for meeting these deadlines seamlessly.

Finalizing Conditions:

Once your conditions are satisfied, it is time to sign off on them, solidifying the deal and transforming it into a firm sale. Congratulations, you’ve officially purchased a home! If the home inspection was to reveal unsatisfactory results or financing approval isn’t secured, this phase offers the opportunity to terminate the transaction, with your deposit remaining refundable.

Preparing for Possession:

As we transition from meeting deadlines to preparing for possession day, there is a slight slowdown in activity. Depending on the possession timeline, you’ll begin sorting through belongings, packing up, and considering important tasks like mail forwarding and notifying address changes. Stay in touch with your mortgage specialist and lawyer to finalize details, and before you know it possession day will arrive!

Navigating the post-offer phase is a crucial part of the home buying process. With guidance from your Realtor and effective communication, you can ensure a smooth transition from offer acceptance to possession day. 

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What to do in Winnipeg in April 2024!

March is almost over, and boy-oh-boy did it give us one last taste of Winter.  Can we really complain though, after the incredibly mild winter we had experienced leading up to March? 

With April upon us, we have compiled a list of activities to do in Winnipeg in 2024.  We try to keep this list as thorough as possible so that there is something for everyone.  But if there is anything you would like to see added to this list, please let us know at  

What to do in Winnipeg in April

Winnipeg Jets Home Game Schedule

  • April 1st Los Angeles Kings
  • April 4th Calgary Flames
  • April 16th Seattle Kraken
  • April 18th Vancouver Canucks


Manitoba Moose Home Game Schedule

  • April 6th Chicago Wolves
  • April 7th Chicago Wolves
  • April 13th Iowa Wild
  • April 14th Iowa Wild

✨ April 2nd - Noah Kahan - We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour at Canada Life Centre

✨ April 2nd – Walk Right Back, the Everly Brothers Story at  Club Regent Casino

✨ April 2nd – 30th - Toddler Tuesdays at The Leaf. Free activities aimed at kids aged 2-4 (all kids welcome though) from 9:30 am - 10:00 a.m.

✨ April 2nd – 30th - The Lehman Trilogy at the Royal Manitoba Theatre John Hirsch Mainstage

✨ April 2nd – 3rd - Tyler Penner at Rumor’s Restaurant and Comedy Club

✨ April 3rd – Career Fair Canada at the RBC Convention Centre

✨ April 3rd - Chris Stapleton - All-American Road Show at Canada Life Centre

✨ April 3rd – 20th - Guilt: A Love Story at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Tom Hendry Warehouse

✨ April 3rd and April 17th - The Leaf After Dark: Adults Only Nights at The Leaf

✨ April 4th – 7th - Winnipeg Home + Garden Show at RBC Convention Centre

✨ April 4th - LetterKenny Presents: A Night of Stand-Up at Club Regent Event Centre

✨ April 4th –25th Thursday Throw Down: Open Street Dance Session at The Forks Market, Room 201

✨ April 4th – 6th Ryan Long - CONCERT SERIES at Rumor’s Restaurant and Comedy Club

✨ April 5th - First Friday in The Exchange: Galleries, Artist-Run Centres, Studios, Shops + Museums open late in Winnipeg's Exchange District.

✨ April 5th - Beyond the Beat Music Series featuring Sarah Harmer at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

✨ Apr 5th - Queens of the Stone Age - The End Is Nero tour at the Canada Life Centre

✨ April 5th – 6th Casey Corbin Comedy Shows At Yuk Yuk's

✨ April 6th -7th Wanna Dance Canada -  2024 Dance Tour at Red River Exhibition Park

✨ April 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th – Alive in the Woods at Fort Whyte Centre

✨ April 6th Micah! joue de la musique at Centre culturel franco-manitobain  A captivating world of music and comedy, all in French for your children.

✨ April 6th - Four By Four - Tribute to The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Bee-Gees & Moto at Club Regent Entertainment Centre

✨ April 6th – 7th - Oscar-Winning Soundtracks with Eli Glasner presented by Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra at the Centennial Concert Hall

✨ April 7th - Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir presents A New Earth: Music for Spring at Crescent Arts Centre

✨ April 7th and 21st - Create and Connect Crafts at The Leaf. Crafts are appropriate for kids and families of all ages and are accessible without admission to the biomes. 

✨ April 8th - Solar Eclipse Viewing Event(with safe solar telescopes) at the Kitchen Garden at The Leaf

✨ April 8th - Canada’s Drag Race Tour at Burton Cummings Theatre

✨ April 9th - Emmanuel Lomuro at Rumor’s Restaurant and Comedy Club

✨ April 10th All Elite Wrestling at Canada Life Centre

✨ April 10th - MTEC Hospitality, Tourism & Retail JOB FAIR at RBC Convention Centre

✨ April 10th - 38th Annual: Hope Couture Fashion Gala at the RBC Convention Centre

✨ April 10th – 13th - Kevin Bozeman at Rumor’s Restaurant and Comedy

✨ April 11th and 25th - Downtown Farmer’s Market at Cityplace Winnipeg

✨ April 11th – 13th - Thunder From Down Under at Club Regent Event Centre

✨ April 12th – 13th - Winnipeg Fine Art Fair at Red River Exhibition Park

✨ April 12th – 13th - Byron Bertram Comedy Shows At Yuk Yuk's

✨ April 12th - April Wine at Burton Cummings Theatre

✨ April 12th - Lil Tjay - Good Life Tour at Canada Life Centre

✨ April 12th to 14th - Jurassic Quest at RBC Convention Centre

✨April 13th - X Ambassadors Townie Tour at Burton Cummings Theatre

✨ April 13th - A Musical Journey with Tomson Highway at The Leaf

✨ April 13th - Spring Market at Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum

✨ April 13th, 17th and 19th Manitoba Opera: Carmen at the Centennial Concert Hall

✨ April 16th – 18th - Benji Rothman at Rumor’s Restaurant and Comedy

✨ April 17th - 18th Canadian National Dance Championships at the RBC Convention Centre

✨ April 18th Adult and Teen Challenge of Central Canada Journey of Hope Gala at The Fort Garry Hotel

✨ April 18th – 20th Manitoba Dental Association Convention and Trade Show at RBC Convention Centre

✨ April 18th – 21st - Western Regional Championships 2024 (rhythmic gymnastics) at Canada Games Sport for Life Centre

✨April 19th – 20th - Ian Bagg - CONCERT SERIES at Rumor’s Restaurant and Comedy Club

✨ April 19th –21st - Third + Bird Spring Market at Red River Exhibition

✨ April 19th – 20th – World of Banksy Winnipeg at Winnipeg Art Gallery

✨ April 19th - Discount Day at the Zoo (25% off child admission) at Assiniboine Park Zoo

✨ April 19th – 21st – Art in Bloom 2024 at WAG-Qaumajuq

✨ April 20th - Sustainability Tour at The Leaf. Tours begin at 1:00 pm are roughly 30 minutes long.

✨ April 21st - Earth Day at Fort Whyte Alive (presentations, workshops, and discount admissions).

✨April 23rd – 24th - Mike Green at Rumor’s Restaurant and Comedy Club

✨ April 24th - Tori Kelly - Purple Skies Tour at Burton Cummings Theatre

✨ April 24th – May 18th - The Comeback at the Royal Manitoba Theatre John Hirsch Mainstage

✨ April 25th - Moonlit Melodies at Fort Whyte Alive

✨ April 25th - Grapes vs Grains at Pineridge Hollow (5 course menu, 5 beer pairings, 5 wine pairings, beer and wine expertise from guest experts).

✨ April 25th - Luke Bryan - Mind Of A Country Boy Tour at Canada Life Centre

✨ April 25th – 27th - T.J. Miller - CONCERT SERIES at Rumor’s Restaurant and Comedy Club

✨ April 25th – 28th - Royal Winnipeg Ballet : Carmina Burana at the Centennial Concert Hall

✨ April 26th - 27th - Dream Maker Auction at the RBC Convention Centre

✨ April 26th –27th Jason Rouse Comedy Shows At Yuk Yuk's

✨ April 26th – 28th - The 23rd annual Rodarama at Red River Exhibition Place

✨ April 26th – 28th the Pa’Akai We Bring at MTYP Mainstage

✨ April 27th - The 2024 DASCH Possibilities Gala at the RBC Convention Centre

✨ April 27th - Spring Market at Pineridge Hollow in The Market Building

✨ April 28th - The Winnipeg Singers present Their Voices Resound at Winnipeg Art Gallery

✨ April 30th - The Best Is Yet To Come: Dusk Sings Bennett at Club Regent Event Centre

✨April 30th – May 5th - Winnipeg Comedy Festival at the Gas Station Arts Centre & Burton Cummings Theatre

✨ Discover a wide selection of art classes (drawing, painting, pottery, clay works, digital art and more) starting in April for children and adults at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Please visit the website for details 

We hope to see you at some of these events.  Happy Spring, everyone!


What Stays with a Home When You Buy

When buying a home, it is essential to understand what is included in the purchase and remains with the property, and what is the personal property of the seller and will be taken with them when they leave.

Fixtures vs. Chattels:

Fixtures are the immovable elements of a home, including built-in features and permanently attached items. They are considered part of the real estate and are typically included in the purchase unless otherwise specified in the contract. On the other hand, chattels are moveable items or personal property that is not permanently affixed to the property. Chattels are not automatically included in the purchase and need to be explicitly outlined in the contract.

Visualizing the Difference:

Imagine holding a house in your hands. When you flip it upside down and shake it, whatever falls out would be considered a chattel, while whatever remains fixed or attached to the home is a fixture. While there may be a few grey areas, this analogy generally helps decipher between fixtures vs chattels. Some fixtures, like built in cabinetry and light fixtures, are obvious. Meanwhile, chattels such as a couch or table and chairs are clearly movable and the personal property of the seller. However, there are items in between that the buyer may be unsure of, this is where clear communication and documentation become crucial.

Negotiations & Clarity:

Certain chattels are commonly included in a home sale, such as appliances and larger items like hot tubs or storage sheds. It is important to note that their inclusion is not automatic, and they must be written into the offer to purchase. It is essential for both parties to clearly communicate their expectations and come to an agreement on what stays vs. goes. The purchase agreement serves as your roadmap, outlining what is included in the sale and what is not. Chattels that are to be left with the property must be written into the offer to purchase for the buyer to safely assume they will stay in the home come possession.

Final Advice:

Never assume anything when it comes to what stays with a home. If an item is crucial to you, ensure it is explicitly mentioned in your contract. While incorporating a specific item of personal property from the seller into your offer doesn’t guarantee its inclusion, it initiates the opportunity for discussion and negotiation. Your Realtor is instrumental in guiding you through this process, addressing concerns, and ensuring a smooth transaction. Lean on them for support and don’t hesitate to ask if you’re unsure! With clear communication and proper documentation, you can ensure you know what to expect will be there when you move into your new home.

Want advice on what should stay and what should go?  Please be sure to reach out!

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Preparing to write your first offer (in Winnipeg) - updated for 2024!

As Realtors, it’s our job to support our buyer clients throughout the whole home buying process. When you find a home that you love we want to ensure you feel confident and prepared to write an offer.  That’s why when we first start working with buyers our team makes sure to educate our clients on the offering process that way there are not any surprises when you find that perfect home you want to write on. The more prepared you are and the more knowledge you have make writing an offer on a home a lot less overwhelming.

To make the process of writing an offer on a home seamless, here are a few items to think about before sitting down with your Realtor to complete the offer to purchase contract.


1. Understand an offer to purchase once accepted is a binding contract. 

The first time we write an offer, it will typically take upwards of an hour to explain all of the “fine print”. We want to make sure your feel educated and fully understand what you are committing to. The offer to purchase contract will outline the terms of your offer.


2. Prepare documentation you will need to write an offer. To write an offer be prepared to present the following: 

  • A form of government issued photo identification
  • A deposit cheque made out the listing brokerage- note these funds will come out of your account within 24 hours of acceptance
  •  A mortgage pre-approval letter (if applicable).


3. Get in touch with your bank or mortgage broker and ask how long it will take for them to process your financing. 

If you are writing a financing condition into your offer to purchase, we need to include an exact date and time by which you will satisfy your financing condition. Therefore, before writing an offer we suggest to call your mortgage provider and find out how fast they can process the mortgage.


4. Things to Think About in Advance:

If you have any questions in regard to the following do not stress. Your Realtor is here to help.

Financial Considerations:

  • How much are you willing to comfortably pay for the home?
  • Deposit amount - what amount are you comfortable with leaving your bank account tomorrow?
  • Down payment - your agent will ask for your breakdown as you are filling out the offer. 

Other Terms to Include:

  • If you are using mortgage financing, are you including a financing condition?
  • Are you planning to insert a home inspection condition?
  • Are you planning to insert any other conditions (we have a list if you would like to see the options)?

Possession Date

Often the seller will indicate an ideal possession date. However it is up to the buyer what they write into their offer. So think about when you would want to take possession of your new home. (note: the average time for possession is between 30-60 days)



Again our team is here to support and educate you through the entire process of purchasing a home but when you have a general understanding of what is required to write an offer to purchase, and have all the documentation prepared in advance it helps make the process seamless and stress free.

Happy Shopping!

buying a home in winnipeg manitoba#AgentJen

Jennifer Queen

Phone: (204) 797-7945


Buying and Selling: What Should You Do First?

Deciding to sell your current home and buy a new one can be an overwhelming task, especially when you’re unsure of the best sequence of events. Should you sell your current home first or buy your new home before selling? Each approach has its own set of advantages and drawbacks, and understanding these can help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of each option.

Selling First


  1. Financial Clarity: By selling your home before buying a new one, you gain financial clarity. Knowing the exact amount of equity, you have from the sale allows you to determine your budget for purchasing your next home.
  2. Stronger Negotiation Position: With your current home sold, you’re in a stronger negotiation position when making an offer on your next home. You won’t need to include a contingency of the sale of your current property, giving you an advantageous position.
  3. Reduce Stress: Selling first can reduce the stress of carrying two mortgages or worrying about the timing of selling and buying simultaneously. It allows for a smoother transition between homes.


  1. Temporary Housing: Selling your home before buying may require you to find temporary housing while you search for your next home.
  2. Limited Options: Without a place to move into immediately, you may feel rushed to find a new home, limiting your options or potentially settling for a property that doesn’t fully meet your needs.

Buying First


  1. No Rush: Buying your next home before selling your current one gives you the luxury of time. You can carefully search for the perfect property without feeling pressured to make a rushed decision.
  2. Smooth Transition: Moving from one home to another is seamless when you already have your next home secured. There is no need for temporary housing or storage arrangements.


  1. Financial Strain: Buying before selling means you may have to carry two mortgages simultaneously, which can strain your finances.
  2. Pressure to Sell: Without the buffer of time provided by selling first, you may feel pressured to sell your current home quickly, potentially leading to accepting a lower offer.
  3. Contingency Challenges: If you require the funds from your current home to purchase your next home, you will need to insert a contingency that your offer is subject to the sale of your current home. In competitive markets, this makes your offer less likely to be accepted.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to selling or buying first. Each option comes with its own set of pros and cons which must be weighed carefully based on your individual circumstances and preferences. Whether you prioritize financial stability, flexibility, or minimizing stress, considering these factors can help you make the best decision for your situation.

Want professional advice on what is right for you?  Reach out!

Best realtors in winnipeg manitoba#AgentSheyla

Sheyla Duncan

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Nestled within the serene confines of Windsor Park lies a treasure trove of hidden gems, inviting residents and visitors alike to discover the beauty of its parks and outdoor spaces. From Crestwood Park's peaceful ambiance to the vibrant energy of Durham Park, each locale offers its own unique allure and opportunities for leisure, exercise, and community connection.

Crestwood Park, tucked between Crestwood Crescent and Conifer Crescent, stands out for its tranquil atmosphere and family-friendly amenities. With playgrounds for children and ample green space for relaxation and leisure activities, it serves as a cherished retreat from the bustling city life.

Cherry Park, at the corner of Autumnwood Drive and Cherry Crescent, offers two baseball diamonds and plenty of greenery for recreation and relaxation. These smaller parks play a vital role in urban areas, providing pockets of nature for nearby residents to enjoy outdoor activities and fostering a connection to the community.

Westmount Park, boasting four soccer fields and a playground, serves as a vibrant recreational hub for its community. Its well-maintained facilities cater to both organized sports and leisurely play, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Lomond Park, with its soccer fields, wading pool, and playground, stands as a beloved sanctuary within Winnipeg. Families gather to partake in the joys of outdoor recreation and community connection, creating cherished memories amidst the park's natural beauty.

Jubinville Park, offers a serene escape amidst lush greenery. Its vibrant playground serves as a focal point for families seeking outdoor fun and adventure, fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere that embodies the spirit of community.

Vincent Massey Park, emerges as a cherished gem within the neighborhood, providing a blend of outdoor recreation and community engagement. Its soccer fields and playground offer opportunities for both athletic pursuits and imaginative play, catering to the diverse interests of its visitors.

Howden Park, presents a tranquil haven where residents can immerse themselves in nature and community. Its soccer field and playground provide opportunities for both organized sports and leisurely recreation, fostering a sense of connection and belonging.

Frontenac Park, is a serene oasis for residents and visitors alike, inviting them to unwind and reconnect with nature. Its walking path and playground offer opportunities for leisurely strolls and outdoor play, creating a tranquil setting for moments of quiet reflection and joyful exploration.

Applewood Park, nestled at the end of a quiet bay, offers a picturesque setting for outdoor play and recreation. Its charming playground serves as a whimsical oasis where children can explore and embark on exciting adventures amidst towering trees and lush foliage.

Agate Park, provides a tranquil retreat amidst the urban landscape. Its inviting playground offers a safe and inviting environment for children to engage in outdoor play and social interaction, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Berkshire Park, represents Winnipeg's commitment to providing accessible and enjoyable green spaces. Its wading pool, washroom facilities, and playground offer opportunities for families to create cherished memories and bask in the simple pleasures of outdoor recreation.

Wickham Park, offers a delightful escape for families seeking outdoor adventures. Its charming playground serves as a vibrant hub of excitement and imagination, inviting laughter and fostering friendships amidst the park's serene surroundings. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat or an active day of play, Windsor Park's parks and outdoor spaces provide something for everyone to enjoy and explore.

The Niakwa Trail is a popular multi-use trail that winds its way through various neighborhoods in the eastern part of the city and runs along the south side of Windsor Park. The trail provides residents and visitors with an excellent opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Winnipeg while engaging in outdoor activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, and rollerblading. Stretching for several kilometers, the Niakwa Trail meanders through parks, green spaces, and along scenic riverbanks, offering picturesque views and a peaceful ambiance. It's a great option for those seeking a leisurely stroll or a more vigorous workout in a scenic setting. One notable feature of the Niakwa Trail is its accessibility and connectivity. It links to other trail systems in the city, allowing users to extend their journey and explore different parts of Winnipeg. Additionally, the trail is well-maintained and clearly marked, making it easy for users to navigate and enjoy their outdoor experience. Whether you're looking for a relaxing walk amidst nature or a challenging bike ride through urban landscapes, the Niakwa Trail offers something for everyone.

Art McOuat Memorial Park located at 910 Magnot Street and is named in honor of Art McOuat, a dedicated community member known for his contributions to the area. The park serves as a green space within the neighborhood, providing residents and visitors with opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. At the heart of Art McOuat Memorial Park are its impressive sports facilities, which include two baseball diamonds, one football field, and two soccer fields. These well-maintained fields serve as the backdrop for countless hours of friendly competition, teamwork, and athletic achievement. Whether it's a thrilling game of baseball, football, or soccer, the park's versatile fields cater to athletes of all ages and skill levels, fostering a love for sport and promoting an active lifestyle within the community. the home of the Falcons Football Club (FFC), a non-profit, community-based tackle football club dedicated to promoting and developing amateur football in the Bonivital area of Winnipeg. In addition to its sports facilities, Art McOuat Memorial Park is also home to the Maginot Arena, adding another layer of excitement and activity to the park's dynamic landscape. The arena provides a venue for ice sports such as hockey and figure skating, offering residents the chance to lace up their skates and glide across the ice in the heart of their community. Beyond its athletic offerings, Art McOuat Memorial Park serves as a gathering place for families, friends, and neighbors to come together and enjoy the great outdoors. With ample green space, picnic areas, and walking paths, the park invites visitors to relax, unwind, and connect with nature in a serene and picturesque setting. These facilities cater to a wide range of interests and age groups, making the park a popular destination for families, individuals, and groups alike.

Winakwa Community Centre, located at 980 Winakwa Road, serves as a dynamic hub for recreational activities and community engagement. Boasting two baseball diamonds and four soccer fields, the center provides ample space for athletes of all ages and skill levels to participate in organized leagues and friendly matches. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the off-leash dog area, outdoor pool, playground, outdoor hockey rink, and tennis courts, offering a diverse range of activities for residents to embrace throughout the year. With the inclusion of a community garden, the center fosters a sense of stewardship for the environment while providing a space for neighbors to come together, further solidifying its role as a cherished gathering place for the community.


Amy McDermid 

Phone:(204) 470-5356



What to do in Winnipeg in March!

Well, March is here... and as they say: "In like a lion, out like a lamb"... well that better be the most quiet, lamb you ever did here.  

In all seriousness though, after the warm winter we've had, where snow had difficulty simply sticking to the ground, a last (and heavy) snowfall seems nice.  

We have assembled another list of What to Do in March.  For those that find this type of content interesting, I highly encourage you to signup for our newsletter HERE.  In this newsletter, we share a list of fun things coming up (similar to this), some insights, giveaways, and useful content.  I promise, it is nothing spammy and it is only once a month.  It is purely in place to keep our peeps "in the know".  

Without further adieu, here is what you came here for:

✨ Winnipeg Jets Home Game Schedule (all evening games this month)
  • March 5th Seattle Kraken
  • March 11th Washington Capitals
  • March 13th Nashville Predators
  • March 15th Anaheim Ducks
  • March 26th Edmonton Oilers
  • March 28th Vegas Golden Knights
  • March 30th Ottawa Senators
✨ Manitoba Moose Home Game Schedule
  • March 2nd Texas Stars, 2 p.m. start
  • March 3rd Texas Stars, 2 p.m. start
  • March 19th Grand Rapids Griffins, 10 a.m. start
  • March 20th Grand Rapids Griffins, 7 p.m. start
  • March 23rd Abbotsford Canucks, 2 p.m. start
  • March 24th Abbotsford Canucks, 2 p.m. start
  • March 27th Toronto Marlies, 7 p.m. start
  • March 29th Toronto Marlies, 2 p.m. start

✨ March 1st to March 23rd - Infinite Horizons at 125 Adelaide Street

✨ March 1st Passage to Freedom – Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion. At the Manitoba Museum

✨ March 1st on - First Fridays in The Exchange. Galleries, artists, shops and restaurants stay open late

✨ March 1st and 2nd - Winnipeg Whiskey Festival at The Fairmont

✨ March 1st to April 5th - Printed Flight // Lisa Matthias at Martha Street Studio

✨ March 2nd – Lake Shaker, annual winter party at Fort Whyte Alive

✨ March 2nd - Virtuosi Concerts presents With sick and famish’d eyes, at Winnipeg Art Gallery

✨ March 2nd - One Night With The King - 3 World Champion Performers! Club Regent Event Centre

✨ March 2nd - William Prince Joy Canadian Tour 2024 at Centennial Concert Hall

✨ March 2nd – The Great Canadian Road Trip: Doc Walker, Michelle Wright & Jason McCoy, at Club Regent Event Centre

✨ March 2nd and 3rd - WSO presents Sultans of String at Burton Cummings Theatre

✨ March 3rd - The End Is Nye! An Evening with Bill Nye the Science Guy at Centennial Concert Hall

✨ March 4th - Big Sugar at Burton Cummings Theater

✨ March 4th - JOURNEY 50th Anniversary Tour at Canada Life Centre

✨ March 5th Alan Doyle Welcome Home Tour with Special guest Adam Baldwin at Burton Cummings Theatre

✨ March 5th - Music ‘N’ Mavens presents From Bach to AC/DC at Rady Jewish Community Centre

✨ March 6th to 10th - Inhibition Exhibition 2024 at Crescent Fort Rouge United Church

✨ March 6th - Music ‘N’ Mavens presents Onna Lou Sings Songs of Latin America at Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre

✨ March 7th - Women's Day Concert by The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra 3.0 at the West End Cultural Centre

✨ March 7th to 10th - Winnipeg Rock N' Gem Show - the LARGEST Gem and Mineral Show in Canada. Red River Exhibition Park.

✨ March 7th - WSO presents Pouliot Plays Sibelius at the Centennial Concert Hall

✨ March 7th - WSO presents Grieg UnTuxed at Centennial Concert Hall

✨ March 8th - Ministry with special guests Gary Numan and Front Line Assembly at Burton Cummings Theatre

✨ March 8th and 9th - Bryan Hatt at Yuk Yuk’s Winnipeg

✨ March 8th to 23rd - Rise, Red River at Théâtre Cercle Molière

✨ March 9th - Evening Astropub. Enjoy food, drinks, and a trip through the stars! At FortWhyte Alive inside the Star Dome.

✨ March 9th - Sustainability Tours at The Leaf Tours start at 1:00 pm and are roughly 30 minutes long.

✨ March 9th to 10th - Matt Rife ProbleMATTic World Tour at Burton Cummings Theatre

✨ March 9th and 10th - 2024 Canadian Senior & Yout Kyorugi and Poomsae National Championships at RBC Convention Centre

✨ March 9th & 10th - Pain to Power A Kanye West Musical Protest at The Rady Jewish Community Centre

✨ March 9th - PegSpo Winnipeg Sports Collectibles Expo Show at RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg

✨ March 9th & 10th - Royal Winnipeg Ballet presents Steppin’ Out at The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Founders' Studio

✨ March 10th – 16th Freeze Frame International Film Festival for Kids of All Ages at the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain

✨ March 12th - Music ‘N’ Mavens presents Tom Jobim: Where’s the Love? At Rady Jewish Community Centre

✨ March 12th – 13th - Jordan Welwood at Rumor's Restaurant and Comedy Club

✨ March 13th - The Leaf After Dark: Adults Only Nights at the Leaf

✨ March 13th - Corb Lund - The El Viejo Release Tour with special guest 49 Winchester! At the Burton Cummings Theatre

✨March 14th - Music ‘N’ Mavens presents Groovin’ Through the 60s and 70s at the Rady Jewish Community Centre

✨ March 14th – 16th - Steph Tolev at Rumor's Restaurant and Comedy Club

✨ March 15th - The Paper Kites and The Roadhouse Band at Burton Cummings Theatre

✨ March 15th – 16th - Yuk Yuk’s Pro AM night featuring Damonde Tschritter at The Club Room

✨ March 15th – 16th - WSO presents Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince™ at Centennial Concert Hall

✨March 15th – 17th - 2024 Cottage Country’s Lake & Cabin Show at Red River Exhibition Park

✨ March 16th - 2024 Gala Juste pour Rire des Rendez-vous de la francophonie at Centre culturel franco-manitobain - Salle Pauline Boutal

✨ March 17th - Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir presents The Music of Sir Paul McCartney at Cathédrale de Saint-Boniface

✨ March 18th - 2024 Champions of Magic – 5 World class Illusionists at Centennial Concert Hall

✨ March 18th - Skid Row and Buckcherry at Burton Cummings Theatre

✨ March 19th - 2024 Diaspora - A Film by Deco Dawson Doors - at West End Cultural Centre

✨ March 19th to 23rd - Tony Woods at Rumor's Restaurant and Comedy Club

✨ March 20th - Manitoba Chamber Orchestra presents Lara Secord-Haid at Crescent Arts Centre

✨ March 20th – 24th - a+dff Architecture + Design Film Festival Winnipeg at Cinematheque

✨ March 20th to April 13th - 2024 Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre presents The Lehman Trilogy at John Hirsch Mainstage

✨ March 21st - Music ‘N’ Mavens presents a Tribute to Tony Bennett at Rady Jewish Community Centre

✨ March 21st - Movie Nights at Dakota Community Centre

✨ March 22nd- 2024 Trans Canada Highway Men at Club Regent Event Centre

✨ March 22nd – 23rd - Katie-Ellen Humphries at Yuk Yuks Comedy Club

✨ March 22nd – 24th - 48th Annual Piston Ring World of Wheels at the RBC Convention Centre

✨ March 22nd – 24th - The Little Opera Company presents The Walk From The Garden Evening by Jonathan Dove Shows at St. John's Anglican Cathedral

✨ March 22nd – 23rd - 2nd annual Pitâw Mīno Muskîki Indigenous Handmade Spring Market at the Via Rail Union Station

✨ March 23rd - C4 - Central Canada Comics/Collectibles Show (Comic Book, Toy and Collectibles Show) at the Caboto Centre

✨ March 23rd – 24th – Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra presents Reeling In The Years: A Tribute to Steely Dan. At Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain.

✨ March 23rd – 24th - Winnipeg Women's Show at RBC Convention Centre

✨ March 23rd - WSO presents Stravinsky's Firebird at Centennial Concert Hall

✨ March 23rd-29th - Festival of Fools! Free family event held at The Forks during the school spring break

✨ March 25th - Warren Zeiders - Pretty Little Poison Tour with special guest Austin Williams at Burton Cummings Theatre

✨ March 26th – 30th - Kathleen McGee & Sean Lecomber at Rumor's Restaurant and Comedy Club

✨ March 26th - Music ‘N’ Mavens presents Lady Muse & The Inspirations at Rady Jewish Community Centre

✨ March 27th - 2024 Manitoba Chamber Orchestra presents Maria Brea at Crescent Arts Centre

✨ March 28th - 2024 Moonlit Melodies (acoustic concert) at FortWhyte Alive

✨ March 28th - Music ‘N’ Mavens presents A Trip to New Orleans by Dirty Catfish Brass Band at Rady Jewish Community Centre

✨ March 29th – 30th - Johnny Pogo at Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club

✨ March 29th & 30th - 2024 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity at WAG-Qaumajuq

✨ Until March 21st - Lights On The Exchange

✨ Until March 22nd - Edge of Darkness – Planetarium Show

✨ Until March 23rd - Flora of the Philippines at The Leaf

✨ Until March 24th - Learn About Polar Bears with CPAWS at Gateway to the Arctic, Winnipeg Zoo.

✨ Until March 24th - Guided Snowshoe Walks at Oak Hammock Marsh every Sunday

✨ Until March 29th – After Hours at Fort Whyte

✨ Until March 30th - The Snow Maze

✨ Until March 31st - In My Backyard – Planetarium Show

✨ Until April 30th - WAG@The Park presents a rotating series of exhibitions curated by WAG-Qaumajuq at The Pavilion at Assiniboine Park Conservancy

✨ Until May 23rd - Downtown Farmers' Market at Cityplace

✨ Until Augus 31st Beyond the Beat: Music of Resistance and Change at Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Want an event included in our next newsletter (for April)? Email us the details at  We hope to see you at some of these events!


Home Ownership is Down in Manitoba (2024).  But why?

Statistics are showing the Canadian Homeownership is down over the past decade.  Today, let's discuss how you can still make homeownership a reality.

According to Statistics Canada, Canada's homeownership rate decreased from 69 percent in 2011 to 66.5 (-2.5%) percent in 2021. Despite this overall decline, several provinces boast higher homeownership rates, influenced by factors such as personal preferences, age, market conditions, and housing options. Zoocasa did a more in-depth analysis on the topic, and has shed light on how homeownership rates have evolved across the country and among different generations of Canadians.

home ownership in winnipeg

Zoocasa's findings reveal that provinces with more affordable housing tend to have higher homeownership rates – and there is almost a direct correlation. In 2021, New Brunswick, with the lowest average home price of $239,900, secured the second-highest homeownership rate in Canada at 73 percent. Similarly, Newfoundland and Labrador, home to the largest group of homeowners, experienced a modest 9.3 percent increase in average home prices since 2011, maintaining a homeownership rate of 75.7 percent in 2021.

Saskatchewan and Alberta were the only other provinces with homeownership rates above 70 percent in 2021, though both experienced slight declines compared to 2011. Despite high demand in Alberta, a shortage of inventory as well as increasing home prices of late has led many residents to opt for home rentals.

Major Canadian markets, particularly in Ontario, witnessed a significant jump in average home prices from 2011 to 2021, with a staggering 135.4 percent increase. This surge, coupled with a lack of proportional income growth, contributed to a 3.1 percent decline in homeownership over the decade. Quebec, despite relatively low home prices, also had a below-average homeownership rate of just under 60 percent, with a marginal decrease of 1.3 percent from 2011 to 2021.

Nova Scotia and British Columbia had the second-lowest homeownership rates, experiencing substantial drops of 4 percent and 3.2 percent, respectively, since 2011. The sharp increase in home prices in British Columbia, from $506,100 in 2011 to $910,800 in 2021 (an 80 percent rise), further challenges prospective buyers.

I’m saving the best for last, but I’m biased (of course)! Manitoba did see a pretty substantial drop of 2.7%, although we were quite close to the national average. 

In 2011, the average house price here was around $234,290 in Winnipeg and up to $336,635 by 2021. However, we still sat at half of the national housing average in Canada.

The conversations I’m having are revealing a few things and they are backed-up by the statistics:

  • Among demographic groups, millennials face the toughest challenges in homeownership, with the lowest rate among all age groups. The homeownership rate for those under 40 falls below the national average of 66.5 percent.
  • Notably, younger millennials in the 25-29 age group experienced a significant drop from 44.1 percent to 36.5 percent, reflecting the challenges they encounter in entering the housing market.

It doesn't all have to be bad news!

I continue to hear stories while I’m out and about, in which many are worried that homeownership might not be in the cards for them.  And to them, I say: It’s time to get scrappy.  Here are a few ways I’ve had clients do it:

  • Sacrifice your freedom (for a short period of time, that is).  Be willing to live in your parents’ basement.  Be willing to manage an apartment complex in order to live rent free.  Whatever you can do to offset your current expenses so that you can SAVE that downpayment
  • Take advantage of the programs available to you.  I’ve recorded videos on the First Time Home Savings Account as well as the FSB – I’ll link those videos below.  But use whatever tax incentives there are available to you.  When you get your refund, set that money aside and DO NOT TOUCH IT!
  • Be willing to do what it takes.  Side hustles, door dashing, selling off existing stuff.  I’ve even heard of some with garage sale hustles, whereby they resell at a profit on eBay
  • Be open to your surroundings. Be willing to rent out a portion of the property, to offset the costs.
  • Sacrifice some fun… maybe Taylor Swift tickets aren’t in the budget, or that trip to Mexico.  Dinners out too are a major expense among the millennial population.  Think, rice and beans will give you the means!
  • Think lowering your expectations. Maybe a large home with an equally oversized home is going to be the next step, but not this step.  What is important now, is getting into a home so that you can start building that equity.  Then use that as a platform to launch to the next home.
  • Expand upon your areas.  Maybe you dream of being in River Heights.  But your budget doesn’t afford River Heights.  Are there adjacent communities that could work for now?
  • Be ready to build some sweat equity.  If the bones of a home are good, any cosmetic projects you do will add value and increase your equity.  Force that appreciation!
  • Get aggressive with your debt paydown.  Don’t buy the fancy car with high monthly payments.  Buy a car you can afford, in cash, that is still reliable but perhaps older and not so fancy. Any debt obligations you add to your credit bureau, will negatively impact your approval rate.

I truthfully believe where there is a will, there is a way.  I’ve seen many scrappy millennials get there, and they look back fondly at just how scrappy they were.

winnipeg real estate market realtor#AgentJen

Jennifer Queen

Phone: (204) 797-7945


Discover the Charm of Windsor Park

Windsor Park, nestled in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a neighborhood that truly stands out as a fantastic place to call home. With its blend of accessibility, community spirit, and a plethora of amenities, it's no wonder residents are proud to live here. If you're considering a move or simply exploring what Winnipeg has to offer, let's dive into the reasons why Windsor Park is a neighborhood worth your attention.

A Tight-Knit Community Vibe

One of Windsor Park's most appealing features is its strong sense of community. This area fosters a welcoming atmosphere where neighbors know each other by name and look out for one another. Community events, from local fairs to seasonal festivals, are a staple, creating opportunities for residents to connect and build lasting friendships.

windsor park real estateGreen Spaces Galore

Nature lovers will find Windsor Park to be a breath of fresh air. The neighborhood boasts numerous parks and green spaces, providing residents with serene spots for walks, picnics, or simply soaking up the sun. The well-maintained public spaces encourage outdoor activities, making it easy for everyone to stay active and connected with outdoors.

Accessibility and Convenience

Windsor Park scores high marks for its accessibility. Located just a short drive from downtown Winnipeg, it offers the perfect balance of suburban life with easy access to urban conveniences. There are plenty public transportation options, ensuring that commuting to and from work or exploring other parts of the city is a breeze.

houses in windsor parkDiverse Housing Options

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, looking for a family home, or seeking a cozy apartment, Windsor Park has something to offer. The neighborhood boasts a diverse range of housing options to suit different tastes and budgets.

Excellent Schools and Educational Opportunities

Families in Windsor Park have access to a variety of educational institutions, from preschools to high schools, ensuring that children receive quality education close to home. The commitment to education within the community is evident, with schools known for their dedicated teachers and inclusive environments.

A Thriving Local Economy

The local economy in Windsor Park is vibrant, with a mix of shops, restaurants, and businesses catering to every need and preference. Whether you're in search of the perfect coffee shop, need to pick up groceries, or want to explore local boutiques, everything you need is right within your reach.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Safety is a top priority for any neighborhood, and Windsor Park is known for being a safe and secure place to live. The low crime rates and active community policing contribute to a sense of security, allowing residents to enjoy peace of mind.

All overall Windsor Park, with its blend of community spirit, natural beauty, and convenient living, is more than just a neighborhood—it's a place where life's moments are cherished and celebrated. Whether you're drawn to its green spaces, the friendly faces, or the exceptional quality of life it offers, Windsor Park in Winnipeg, MB, is a neighborhood that truly feels like home. If you're looking for a place where you can plant roots and grow, Windsor Park deserves a spot at the top of your list.

Windsor Park Realtor, Amy McDermid#AgentAmy

Amy McDermid

Phone: (204) 470-5356


Summer Camps in Winnipeg (2024) - The most up-to-date list!

It’s that time of year, if you can believe it.  Yes, it is February… Even so, lists have opened up and programs are filling up.  It is literally THAT fast!

Every year, we have a number of clients migrating to Winnipeg that are looking for fun activities to register their children in.  Also, as Winnipeg Parents, Logan and I are shocked every single year when others mention new camps that we have yet to hear of. So, as a way of keeping track of the various offerings, I’ve decided to compile an annual list so that I know the options and when to register for them.

I have endeavoured to make this list as exhaustive as possible, but I am human and can miss some options.  If there is a camp that you would recommend, please send it my way.  I want to have a complete list of options all in one spot, so that we all have an easy spot to check year after year.

This is my third year doing this list, and I’ve already discovered several that were missed last year thanks to your comments and feedback.  So, let’s keep this list up-to-date and growing.

Without further adieu, let’s get to it!  This list is mostly compiled in order of type of camp, and then age group (with youngest groups at the beginning).

Thanks again to all that provided input or helped me with updates for the Winnipeg Summer Camp list of 2024.

If you want to be updated when our list comes out, be sure to sign-up for our newsletter HERE. I promise - we DO NOT spam our clients. We send out one monthly newsletter with what is up in Winnipeg in the upcoming month, usually there is a giveaway for a local business, and some intersting local information.  If you do not wish to receive our newsletter, please plan to check back on our blog next February.

Summer Camps for Children in Winnipeg – Day Camps

Pedalheads (Various Locations, Mostly South Winnipeg)

Ages 2 to 12. A bike camp aimed at teaching children to ride their bikes confidently on their own. For those still riding with training wheels, the goal is to get them off training wheels by the end of the week.  Registration opens February 27, 2024.  Website:

Gymboree Summer Camps (Linden Ridge)

Ages 3 to 5 years old. Registration now open with more details promised on the Website soon.  Website here:

GymKyds (Southdale)

Ages 3 and up but children must be potty trained and able to use the bathroom independently. A gymnastics-centered program with a variety of weekly themes including sports themes, farm themes and science themes (among others). Full day and half day programs available.  Registration now open. Website:

Rady JCC Summer Camps (Tuxedo)

Ages 3 to Teens. They offer over 40 different specialty camps with great variety including Amazing Race themes, animation camps, swimming programs and many other specialized programs.  Early-Bird Registration for Members usually begins in March.  Dates aren’t yet posted, but check back on their Website here for updates:

My Gym (St Vital)

Ages 3 to 12 years. The camps focus on fitness games, gymnastics (noncompetitive), arts and crafts.  Weekly themes and they advertise that no two camp days at My Gym are ever the same. Full days and half days are available.  Registration is now open.  Website:

Royal Dance Conservatory Day Camps (West Kildonan)

Ages 3-11 years. Offering lessons in dancing with various themes.  At time of production, the complete offerings were not yet available.  Registration open soon. Nothing is yet mentioned on their Website, but they typically do have offerings every year.  Website:  

Corydon Community Centre (River Heights)

Ages 3-12 years.  Offering a variety of specialty camps, sport camps, tot camps, and more.  They also have summer hockey camp options. Registration is already open.  Website:

Engineering for Kids Summer Camps (Whyte Ridge)

Ages 4-14.  Operating out of Whyte Ridge Community Centre, this program aims to teach science, technology, engineering and math with a hands-on approach.  A variety of themes available including Lego robotics, medieval defence and pirate academy! Registration is now open.  Website:

Fort Whyte Alive (Oak Bluff)

Ages 4 – Grade 8. Heavy focus on nature including swimming programs for those in grades 1 and older. Registration for members of Fort Whyte begins February 21st.  Public registration begins February 23rd.  Website:

YMCA Camps (Various Locations in Winnipeg)

Ages 4-12. Offers a variety of programming including swimming, music, dance, outside play, arts and crafts and more.  Registration opens soon. Website:

Groove Academy Summer Mini Camps (Various Locations) 

Ages 4+. Kids learn and produce a create performance through the week that they display for friends and family.  There are daily arts and crafts.  Registration is now open. Website:

Whitetail Sports Camps (Sturgeon Heights Community Centre and Lorette)

Ages 4-18. Advertises a coaching program to teach the fundamentals of physical activity and education including Yoga, Dance, T-Ball, Kickball and Soccer.  Registration opens soon.  Website:

Southdale Community Centre Summer Day Camps (Southdale)

For ages 5-11. A unique offering in that you can register by the day and pricing is quite reasonable.  They advertise a well-rounded camp experience with daily activities that include science, crafts and games.  Camp dates have not yet been advertised for 2024, so keep checking back.  Website:


University of Manitoba – Mini U (Fort Richmond)

Ages 5-16.  A variety of programs including sports programming such as soccer, basketball, cheerleading, dodgeball, track and field, hockey, gymnastics.  They also have other programs such as learning about animals, crafting, dinosaur discovery, science alliance. Junior Bison Sports Camps available for children up to age 18 – more detail on that below.  Registration usually opens in the first week of March.  Website:

School of Rock (River Heights)

Ages 5-12 mostly (some older programs too). This camp offers music camps for those musicians with varying skill levels who want to learn (or already play) guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and vocals. They offer half-day options as well.  Registration already open.

Discovery Day Camp (East Kildonan)

Kindergarten to Grade 6 (typical age ranges on programs 5-12). Part of Centerpoint Church. They have different themed weeks with programming that involves excursions on a 72-passenger bus including trips to go swimming!  Registration opens March 15th.  Website:  

Aquatica Synchro Club (Various Locations)

Ages 5 to 19+.  Offers 3 different summer camps. Activities include: artistic swimming skills, games and crafts to explore our theme, creating and performing an artistic swimming routine, flexibility and strength training. For all skill levels starting with 5-year-olds who are new to the shallow end.  Registration is not yet open, but keep checking back on the Website. Website:  

Miracle Ranch Summer Camp (Springfield)

Ages 5 and up.  Offers beginner and experienced camps for those wanting to learn about horseback riding, horsemanship as well as horse care.  There are a variety of teaching components including in-class, on the ground training, as well as some opportunities to make crafts and explore the 40 acres of the ranch.  Registration is not yet open.  Keep checking back on the Website.   Website:

Mad Science (Various Locations)

Ages 5 – 11. Offering different weekly themes with a focus on science discovery, outdoor games and physical activity.  Registration is now open. Website:

Code Ninjas (Bridgwater)

Ages 5-14 to learn about coding, game-building and robotics.  Their programming is designed for learning through the process of iteration, reflection and feedback. Registration is open now. Website: 

Camp Manitou (Headingley)

For those entering Grades 1-8 in the Fall.  Offers educational programming, swimming, canoeing, skill-building while connecting with nature.  Registration is now open.  Website:

Assiniboine Zoo, Zoo Camp (Tuxedo)

Ages 6 -12. Great opportunities for children to meet the animals and animal care professionals and also explore the Assiniboine Park and The Leaf.  Registration usually opens at the end of February.  Nothing has been posted on the Website at time of posting this list for registration dates. Website:

Dakota Community Centre Summer Camps (River Park South)

Ages 6-13.  Offering a variety of options including art classes to multi-sports to specialized hockey camps and clinics. Enrollment is now open.  Website:

Kid Camps at Winnipeg Humane Society (West Fort Garry)

Ages 6-13. These camps give children an opportunity to learn about animals and responsible pet ownership. There are crafts, games, and lots of fun.  Various weeks offered through summer 2023.  Registration is now open.  Website:

Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) Art Camp for Kids (Downtown)

Ages 6-12. Camps with a focus on art-making, field trips, games and it ends with a camper-curated exhibition! Registration for summer camps is not yet open.  Check back to Website for updates.  Website:

The Beach Volleyball Centre Summer Camp (East St Paul)

Ages 7-12.  A variety of activities including archery tag, giant connect four, Giant Jenga, among other sports.  Registration will likely open soon.  Website:

Deer Meadow Farms (Springfield)

Ages 8-12 (turning 8 this year).  Offering an amazing farm experience that includes feeding animals, collecting eggs, milking animals, crafts, berry picking, horseback riding and more.  Registration is now open.  Website:


Sagehill Stables (South Waverley)

Ages 8-16.  A camp for children wanting to learn about horses and riding. Programming includes horseback riding lessons, making crafts, and outdoor activities. Registration now open.  Website:

Red River College (Various Locations)

Ages 9-16 depending on the program. Current course offerings include Girls exploring trades and technology and Camp Canon focusing on photography techniques.  Some in-class but also online course offerings.  Registration for some programs open now.  Other course registrations to open May 8th.  Website:

Assiniboine Zoo, Leaf Summer Camp (Tuxedo)

Ages 9 -12. This camp focuses on plants and they will learn all about different world cultures through plants, food and art. Registration opens February 28th. Website:

WISE Kid-Netic Energy STEM Day Camps (Fort Richmond)

Ages 9 to Grade 12. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – which is what the programming is based upon.  At time of production of this list, we had not heard back on their list of offerings for Summer of 2024.  Website still showed programming for 2023 which sounds amazing!  Website:  

Winnipeg Conservatory of Music (Wolseley)

Ages 9 and up.  Offering three summer camps in July including Fiddle Sessions for all skill levels, musical theatre camp and even Vocal Jazz Camp for Adults. Registration is now open.  Website:

Manitoba Paddling Association Summer Camp (Operating mostly out of Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Centre in Riverview)

Ages 9-14.  Learn the basics of canoeing and kayaking as well as Dragon Boating!  They also have programming that includes arts, crafts, games and special outings. Registration now open. Website:

Summer StudioWorks by Winnipeg Studio Theatre (Downtown)

Ages 10 and up. Teaches the triple threat technique of acting, dancing and signing.  At time of publication, registration for 2023 was not yet open.  Check back to the Website for updates.  Website:

University of Manitoba – Junior Bisons (Fort Richmond)

Ages 12-18.  These are high performance camps with offerings for a variety of sports including soccer, basketball and volleyball. Registration usually opens in the first week of March. Website:

Additional summer camp programs are often offered through the City of Winnipeg’s Leisure Guide for great prices.  But be forewarned, that registration is competitive and often sold out within minutes.  For more information, visit:

Specialized (Sports) Camps:

Edge Hockey Skating Camps Powered by the Rink (Gateway Recreation Centre in East Kildonan).

Ages 5 (born 2018+) to 14 (born up to 2011) with programming for U7, U9, U11, U13, and U15. Full and half day programming offered with a variety of on-ice sessions, boardroom/SIM skate sessions, skills sessions, dryland sessions and multi-sport activities. For U7, there is no full-day program yet, rather one-hour, every morning. Registration now open.  Website:

Jets Hockey Development Camps (Various Locations)

Ages 5+.  A variety of camps for those looking to develop as a hockey player.  Registration was not yet posted for summer, but is usually posted in March.  Website:

Excessive Speed Hockey (Various Locations but mainly Gateway Community Centre and East End Arena)

Ages 6 and up (must be born 2018 and older).  Aims to develop the love of all things hockey.  They also have specialized Goalie training.  Registration is now open.  Website:

Zajac Hockey (Seven Oaks Arena – Garden City and Gateway Recreation Centre – East Kildonan)

Ages 8-14 and players will be grouped according to age and skill. More of a clinic-style organization with focuses on various skills.  No first-time skaters – all players must have a minimum of 2 years of playing experience. Focuses on skills such as shooting, stick handling, passing and skating techniques. Advertises training the likes of Jonathan Toews! Registration is now open. Website:

Sami Jo Small Hockey Camp (Gateway Recreation Centre, East Kildonan). 

Girls aged 7-17.  One week is being offered in Winnipeg this year from July 15-19.  For players beginner through to elite. Registration now open.  Website:

Sport Manitoba (West End)

Ages 8 – 11.  Offers a variety of activities with a goal of developing movement fundamentals, confidence, teamwork, and multi-sport skills.  Some sport showcases include flag football, badminton, basketball, badminton, fencing, soccer, table tennis, cricket and more.  Registration now open.  Website:

Canlan Sports Summer Camps (St James)

Ages 3 to 14. Offering heavy hockey programming but also multisport camps that introduce sports such as soccer, basketball, kickball, tennis, ball hockey, ultimate frisbee, broom ball and more. Registration for those ages 3-5 mostly involves some parental involvement such as the learn-to-skate programming. At time of posting this, just hockey camps were being advertised as available.  Website:

Royal Soccer (Various Locations)

Ages 5-13.  Offers half day and full day programming with a focus on developing children’s love for soccer.  There are swimming options available as well but it will depend on location and age group.  Registration now open.  Website:

Prairie Badminton Summer Camp (St Boniface)

Ages 8-17. Offers full day programming with a goal of developing a greater understanding of Badminton.  Registration is not yet open. Website:

Nike Basketball Camp by Four Point Basketball (Tuxedo)

Ages 10-16.  A physically challenging program offered just one week in July.  Players will focus on developing footwork, ball-handling, finishing in the paint and passing. Registration is now open. Website:  

Girls Play Football – Blue Bombers Camp (Fort Richmond)

Ages 9-13.  Teaching girls to try football through drills and skill-specific training challenges. The camp is free and there is a lottery to get in.  Also, it is just one day per week (Sundays).  Registration is now open.  Website:  

Overnight or Sleep-Away Camps:

For those with older children, looking to send them for overnight experiences, here are additional options:

Camp Massad (Sandy Hook, Manitoba)

Ages 4 to 18 with those 4-7 being Day Camps.  Focuses on cultural aspects of Judaism. You do not need to be Jewish nor do you need to speak Hebrew to attend. Activities range from court sports, to arts/crafts, drama, swimming, archery, and more! Registration is open now. Website:

Red Rock Bible Camp (Whiteshell, Manitoba)

Ages 4 to 18+. Younger camps are shortened weeks. Christian-based camp with a goal of deepening your child’s relationship with God. Located on water and as a result has ample options for swimming, water sports, and more. Registration is open now. Website:

Camp Arnes (Arnes, MB)

Ages 8+ including some family camps.  This is an inter-denominational Christian camp and they do offer some day camps as well, however, you must provide your own transportation there for the day camps.  They have skills programs that involve mountain biking, gardening, baking, woodworking, ropes courses, swimming, kayaking, among others. Registration is open now.  Website:

B'Nai Brith AKA BB Camp (Kenora, ON)

Ages 6-17. Day camps are also available. Located on beautiful Lake of the Woods, this camp is an inclusive sleep away Jewish Summer Camp.  Activities include various sports, water activities, climbing, dance, zip lines, archery among many others!  Registration is now open. Website:

Pioneer Camp (Shoal Lake, MB)

Ages 6-21. Operated by Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada. The program takes place in Shoal Lake and includes a variety of activities including: canoeing, fishing, sailing, swimming, fort building, archery, arts and crafts, bible studies, campfires and hiking. Registration now open. Website:

Circle Square Ranch (Spruce Woods, MB)

Ages 6-17.  Also Operated by Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada. Christian-based faith offering a variety of activities with opportunities for horse specialty camps. Registration now open.  Website:

Winkler Bible Camp (Winkler, MB)

Ages 5 (Kindergarten) through to Adult. Kinder Kids (those in Grade k-1 are day programs, with those in grades 1-3 two-day overnight camps).  Transportation may not be available. They offer escape rooms, zip lines, archery, rock climbing, slingshot, swimming, petting zoos, and more. Registration opens March 5th.  Website:

Camp Stephens (Kenora, ON)

Ages 8+.  Also offered through YMCA-YWCA.  One-week to four-week camp options available.  Set on a lake with great outdoor activities.  Registration is open. Website:

Did I capture them all?  Please be sure to email us: Jennifer@JenniferQueen, if you feel there is something that could be added to this list!  If you want to be updated when our list comes out, be sure to sign-up for our newsletter HERE

top realtor in winnipeg manitoba#AgentJen

Jennifer Queen

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Understanding Bidding Wars and how to Prepare!

Today, I want to shed some light on the often intimidating process of participating in a multiple offer situation as a homebuyer, also known as the “bidding war” These scenarios have become increasingly common, especially in markets with high demand and limited housing inventory. I will say, at the time I am writing this blog, here in Winnipeg, we are starting to see multiple offer situations a bit more frequently again. It seems as though since the bank of Canada has held interest rates steady for the past few announcements more buyers are feeling more confident to purchase and in general there is still a lack of inventory. In this blog post, I'll provide insights into what you can expect as a buyer when facing multiple offers and offer tips on how to best prepare for such situations.

Understanding Multiple Offer Situations:

The term "offer date" refers to the specific date set by sellers for reviewing offers. This means the sellers will NOT review any offers until this date. This practice is often employed to a) make sure everyone interested in the home has a chance to get in to view it. And b) try to generate a multiple offer situation for the seller. As a buyer, it's crucial to understand the dynamics of a multiple offer situation to navigate the process effectively.

Multiple offer situations in Manitoba:

The specifics of the offer date can vary from province to province, influenced by local rules and regulations. In Manitoba, when setting an offer date sellers sign an agreement instructing their realtor not to present any offers until that date (even if said offer is expiring before offer presentation date), this eliminates the “bully offer” that is allowed in other provinces.

Tips for Buyers in a Multiple Offer Scenario:

1. Early Viewing:

To avoid making rushed decisions, I recommend viewing the home as soon as possible. Your realtor can assess comparable sales in similar multiple offer scenarios to provide data driven guidance on potential offer prices. This also gives you and your realtor ample time to prepare for offer presentation date.

2. Submitting the Offer:

Your realtor will submit your offer on the designated offer date. Before presenting offers to the seller, the selling agent informs all submitting realtors of the total number of offers received, without disclosing any offer details. (All you will ever find out about any other offers is how many others there were or “total offer count”)

3. Be available around offer presentation time:

Your realtor will inform you if you are in competition with other buyers and can give you the , opportunity to make changes to your offer. Stay available for communication via phone or text around the time offers are being presented so your realtor can help ensure your changes (if any) will be submitted.

4. Negotiation Strategy:

In a competitive situation, buyers often lose negotiation power. It's crucial to present an offer you're comfortable with, whether you win or lose. Putting your best foot forward is essential.

5. Realtor Guidance:

Your realtor plays a vital role in advising you through the process. They can help you make informed decisions, discussing aspects such as market value and comparable sold properties helping you feel confident in your offer. This will help to ensure you do not “over pay” for a home just because you are in a competitive situation but also ensure you are writing a competitive offer.

Navigating a multiple offer situation can be stressful, but with the right guidance, you can approach it confidently.

Remember, each scenario is unique, and your realtor is there to assist you in making well-informed decisions. If you have any questions or need assistance with the purchasing process, bidding wars, or multiple offer situations, feel free to reach out!

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What to do in Winnipeg in February

Among other fun Winnipeg contests, we send out a monthly newsletter that contains a "What to Do in Winnipeg" for the month.  Want to be sure you receive that list?  Signup for our Newsletter here:

We promise to not spam you - this newsletter list is purely to keep you in the loop about what is going on or relevant to Winnipeg!

Without further adieu, here is the goings-on for February, 2024:

✨ Amaze in Corn, Snow maze.  Open Now.  In St Adolphe, Manitoba.

✨ Nestaweya River Trail.  Parts are now open.  Check here:

✨ RAW:almond  January 25th to February 18th. Tickets still available!

✨ Free entry to Manitoba Provincial Parks from February 1st to 29th.

✨ Mid Canada RV and Boat Sale.  February 1st to 4th at the RBC Convention Centre.

✨ Musings: A Product of Contemplation.  a solo art exhibition by Shelley Remple.  February 1st to 13th at cre8ery gallery.

✨ Noir et Fier.  Black History Month 2024 at Cercle Molière Theater.  February 1st to 29th. Free admission.

✨ Alive in the Woods.  February 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th at Fort Whyte Alive.

✨ Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour February 3rd at Centennial Concert Hall.

✨ Prairie Strides Annual Super Flea Market.  February 3rd - 4th at Assiniboia Downs.

✨ Brett Kissel - The Compass Tour.  February 3rd at Club Regent Event Centre.

✨ Ram Motorsports Spectacular (The Monster Truck Challenge). February 3rd – 4th at Canada Life Centre.

✨ Feist Multitudes, Finale Tour 2024.  February 6th at Burton Cummings Theatre.

✨ Manitoba Tattoo Expo.  February 9th – 11th At Assiniboia Downs.

✨ Chelsea Handler Little Big B!#@& Tour (stand-up comedy). February 9th at Burton Cummings Theatre.

✨ Canadian International Comedy Film Festival.  February 10th at the Park Theatre.

✨ Sustainability Tour at The Leaf. February 10th

✨ WSO presents Classical Romance: Beethoven & Mozart. February 10th at Centennial Concert Hall.

✨ Living Prairie Museum Snowshoe Sundays (FREE one-hour rentals) No reservations required.  February 11th and 25th. for updates.

✨ Royal Winnipeg Ballet: Romeo & Juliet.  February 13th – 18th at Centennial Concert Hall.

✨ Valentine’s Dinner and Dance.  February 14th at Assiniboia Downs.

✨ The Mountain Top, John Hirsch Mainstage.  February 14th to March 9th at Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre.

✨ City and Colour with special guests Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats and Ruby Waters.  February 15th at Canada Life Centre.

✨ Pantera.  February 16th at the Canada Life Centre

✨ Ron James.  February 16th at Club Regent Event Centre.

✨ The Problem with Pink.  February 16th – 24th at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People.

✨ Ne-Yo Live.  February 17th at the RBC Convention Centre.

✨ Summer Song. A solo exhibition by Shogo Okada (QB). Until February 16th at Martha Street Studio.

✨ Festival du Voyageur.  February 16th – 25th at Whittier Park.

✨ Le Rire Zone.  February 19th at the Franco-Manitoban Cultural Center.

✨ Winnipeg Wellness Expo.  February 17th – 18th at the RBC Convention Centre.

✨ Manitoba Moose vs Milwaukee Admirals. Two games: February 17th and 19th at the Canada Life Centre.

✨ Manitoba Moose vs Calgary Wranglers. Two games: February 23rd and 24th at the Canada Life Centre.

✨ The Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival.  February 20th – 25th at North Kildonan MB Church.

✨ High Valley - Small Town Somethin' Tour.  February 23rd at Club Regent Event Centre.

✨ It Takes Two - Tribute to Tina Turner & Rod Stewart.  February 24th at Club Regent Event Centre.

✨ WSO presents A Symphonic Journey: Tan Dun, Debussy & Still.  February 24th at Centennial Concert Hall.

✨ Wonderful Wedding Show.  February 24th – 25th.  RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg.

✨ WSO presents Cirque Symphonique.  February 25th at Centennial Concert Hall.

✨ Ice Cube in Concert.  February 28th at Canada Life Centre.

✨ Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre presents The Piano Teacher February 28th to March 16th at Tom Hendry Warehouse Theatre.

✨Winnipeg Jets Home Game Schedule

  • February 10th Jets vs Pittsburgh Penguins
  • February 14th Jets vs San Jose Sharks
  • February 20th Jets vs Minnesota Wild
  • February 25th Jets vs Arizona Coyotes
  • February 27th Jets vs St Louis Blues

✨ Fields …. (Rinks, Courts, and Lanes) of Dreams at Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame (145 Pacific Avenue).  Until April 30th.  Self-guided tours are free. Group tours are $5 per person. Features artifacts from:

  • Bowling Hall of Fame of Manitoba
  • Football Manitoba Hall of Fame
  • Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum
  • Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame & Museum
  • Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum
  • Manitoba Golf Hall of Fame & Museum
  • Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Manitoba Lacrosse Hall of Fame & Museum
  • Manitoba Rugby Hall of Fame
  • Manitoba Softball Hall of Fame & Museum

✨ Candlelight concerts (multi-sensory musical experience)

  • February 2nd at 8:30pm - A Tribute to Queen and More at Winnipeg Art Gallery
  • February 10th at 6:30pm or 8:30pm - A Tribute to Adele at Crescent Arts Centre
  • February 14th at 6.30 pm or 8.30 pm Valentine's Day Special ft. "Romeo and Juliet" and More  at The Manitoba Museum - the performance will take place inside of the Planetarium space
  • February 16th at 6:30pm or 8:30pm - Romantic Jazz Special ft. Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé and more at the Winnipeg Art Gallery
  • February 24th at 6.30 pm or 8.30 pm A Tribute to Taylor Swift at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

✨ Keeping Time: The Art and Heritage of Mennonite Clocks until February 29th at The Manitoba Museum.

✨ The Manitoba Museum presents DOME@HOME, a weekly series of FREE virtual programming inviting Manitobans to explore the universe.  On now until October.  Thursdays from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm 

✨ St. Norbert Farmers’ Market.  Every Saturday at St Norbert Farmers’ Market.

Hope to see you at some of these events!


The Dangers in Underpricing a Home

Today I want to speak on a topic that Realtors deal with frequently, intentionally underpricing a property.

We see it all the time, properties selling in multiple offer situations with parties bidding for the right to purchase a home. Sometimes paying tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the listing price! While the extreme bidding wars only happen in Winnipeg in certain market conditions such as extremely low inventory or interest rates, we have seen competing offer situations frequently and consistently in the past 10 years.

Just because there is competition for a home does that mean it was underpriced? No it doesn’t. As already mentioned there are many factors that affect the compete level that is focused on a given home.

However, what I want to focus on is intentionally underpricing your home. I have had many conversations with clients about this, as the idea of listing for a low price and having multiple offers to compete for a higher sales price sounds great. There are a few issues with this strategy.

Firstly it doesn’t always pay off.

There are many examples of homes listed for sale that started with a listing price, held an offer date to garner interest and try to entice a bidding war and when it didn’t happen then raised the list price, sometimes substantially higher than the original price.

Secondly you may not get what you want.

You may get offers on your posted offer date, but the amounts you get are still not what you would accept for the sale of the home. In this case the vendors usually follow the same strategy as the first and increase the listed price.

Thirdly equitable marketing.

One goal of any real estate agent when listing a home should be to accurately represent the property to the public, which includes pricing a home accordingly. Now there are many factors to take into consideration when pricing a home for sale. No two homes are exactly the same, which means there is wiggle room in the valuation of a property. Some properties have many comparable homes that have sold and those ones are typically very easy to value and usually come with a very small range for a valuation of the home. Other homes can be very difficult to value. For example homes that do not fit the general style or design of others in the neighborhood, extremely niche renovations, or homes with strange floorplans all can be difficult to value. Sure you can go on a price by square foot valuation or other such metrics, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to the correct value. On the homes with easy valuations I typically offer up a list price with around a ten thousand dollar swing in either direction. For some of the other harder to value properties, you can expect larger value ranges. This is really just to tell you that as a realtor I am constantly researching and seeing what homes are selling for, what they are not selling for and paying attention to accurate pricing for my clients. The point I am trying to make here is that Realtors have a very good idea what a house should be priced at. Pricing a home extremely low can cause many headaches for the agent as well. There are parts of our governing legislation that could be used as complaints for agents intentionally listing this way.

Really the answer is simple. Don’t intentionally underprice your property.

As I always tell my clients I am only going to market your home for a price that you would actually consider. If the market happens to dictate with multiple clients offering that the sales price ends higher than the list number then great, happy clients are the goal here.

I would say that limiting your amount of risk when selling a home is the best way to go about the process. And underpricing can increase your risk.

Theres a risk that your home may not sell, risk that you will lose buyers that are not interested in competing, and you may also risk formal complaints or even fines against the listing agent.

I think that avoiding all that risk would be beneficial to all parties when selling your home. In my opinion it is always best to accurately list your home for a fair market value. If there is excess demand for your home you may get lucky and have multiple parties interested anyways. If you want information on other strategies on how to present your home in the best possible way to make it appealing to as many people as possible.

top realtor in winnipeg, logan queen#AgentLogan

Logan Queen

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A Deeper Dive into Interest Rates and their Impact on the Winnipeg Real Estate Market

I’ve given predictions here already, and historical data.  But there are still many questions that come up when discussing interest rates that I would like to address.  Keeping in mind that I am a Realtor that sees the benefits of real estate on a daily basis - this blog will obviously be a bit slanted to that end.  I hope you can forgive me!

My feelings on real estate, regardless of high or low interest rates, remain unchanged. You will NEVER convince me that real estate is a bad investment, so long as you can comfortably make the payments on your mortgage. 

There are a few reasons for this.

1. People buy houses because of lifestyle changes, NOT because of interest rates.

I should preface this by saying most people. Some investors, do buy and hold properties based purely on the economics, but they are not the norm. Remember, people buy and sell houses for life changes, which can be characterized with the big D’s: Diamonds, Diapers, Diplomas/Degrees, Death, Difficulties, Divorce, Dogs, Downsizing. Sure, an interest rate change could have people delay their decision for a little while, but at the end of the day, if their current house no longer works for them, they tend to accept the pain of a higher interest rate and move forward.

2. Expectations Adjust

Statistical fact: In 1971, the interest rate for a mortgage was 7.33%.  If you had waited for this interest rate to go down before buying a home, you wouldn’t have purchased a home until 1993.  Can you imagine waiting 22 years for rates to go down? The average home price in Winnipeg, 22 years ago was $104,202.  Now, we are reporting an average selling price in late 2023 of $369,325.  A 254% increase in home values.  I assure you, that very few individuals decided to wait from 1971 until 1993 to buy. Despite the scary high rates of the time (particularly in the 80’s and 90’s), people got used to the rates and would ultimately move, based on their personal situation. Everyone's adjustment period is different, some adjust in a matter of days, others take a couple of years to regain their confidence - but once that new normal has set in, we see people taking action again regardless of interest rates.

3. History is the best Predictor

Similar to how we can look to the 80’s and 90’s as rates were rocketing upwards, we can also look at what is a perceived “acceptable interest rate” over time.  That number actually hovers around 6-8%.  We have had strong, Seller’s markets here in Winnipeg (and Canada) when those rates were hovering right in that range.

4. The law of economics

Supply and demand – the two drivers for both price and time. We continue to see positive population growth in Manitoba.  However, looking at housing starts in more recent months indicates that we are not keeping up with the supply necessary, to meet this demand. While the Federal Government aims to level out immigration targets in 2026, we are still far behind the required level of housing starts to hit current targets.

5. Timing is everything!

This headline is a bit misleading, and for that I do apologize.  It may appear that I think you can time the market. But that is not what I mean at all.  I sell real estate day in and day out.  I can tell you there are deals to be had in any market.  BUT you can NEVER time when the perfect time is to buy or sell a property.  Rather, look at time in the market vs. time on the market.  Anytime you are buying Real Estate, it should truly be viewed as a long-term investment.  If you came here to learn about flips, I apologize.  That is not my wheelhouse nor will it ever be.  Yes, I buy properties and renovate them to improve their value.  However, I keep those properties as rentals.  I plan to hold them for the long-term.

6. People will always get creative

If somebody truly desires to get a home, but it’s not an option via conventional methods – they get creative.  We are seeing more house hacks (owners living in a portion of a home and renting out another to offset their costs), we are seeing more “Tenants in Common” ownership arrangements – so perhaps not a husband and wife buying a home together but rather friends, that then both own portions of the home. I’ve even learned recently of some investment companies that are “pairing” buyers with one another to allow them to buy homes together.  I’ve also experienced people getting side hustles to make the numbers work. Let’s remember that owning a home is a huge dream and motivating factor for many.

7. Adjusting expectations

Akin to getting creative, we are also seeing people adjusting their expectations. Perhaps they are okay with a bit less house than they originally planned, and that’s okay too.  At least then you are in the market and properly hedged against market fluctuations.

8. Understanding Micro Markets

Winnipeg is a relatively small City.  But even so, there are micro markets within it.  There are areas that are more heavily impacted during market downturns or high-interest rate environments.  Then there are areas that are completely unaffected.  Knowing the market and it’s sensitivities, is key!

9. The Rental Argument

If you’ve seen much of my other work, you will know I often say “You pay a mortgage either way.  Would you rather it be yours, or your landlords?”.  But let’s also look at this from the perspective of a landlord – when rates are higher, we do see rents increase as landlords attempt to cover their expenses.  I’ve also noticed, that vacancy rates are very low in Winnipeg.  You are going to pay those rates one way or another (unless you have parents that let you move in…)

10. This is a Season

Just as the historically and unprecedented low rates of 2020 were there for a season, so too, are the higher rates. This is simply a chapter of the interest rate changes and does not mean you are trapped in this particular situation for forever.  If your concern is that a home might decrease in value in Winnipeg, and that is what is holding you back, look again at history. Over 50 years of data, Winnipeg values have gone up every year except for 3.  The 3 years it didn’t go up were 1982 (Average price went from $55,231 to $53,994), then 1990 (Average price went from 87,021 to $85,018), then 1995 (Average price went from $89,352 to $87,387).  In the worst year, we are talking about a 2.3% decrease. However, a strong rebound followed the next year – including in 1983 when property values increased by 8%... far making up for the decline. However, had you have panicked sold or elected to wait until interest rates came down in 1982… you would have lost those gains.

11. Cost of Action vs. Inaction

Which brings me to my next point.  There is always a cost of action, but there is also a cost of inaction.  We need to look not only at the financial needs, but at all needs such as mental, and psychological costs involved with taking action or not taking action.  There is no right or wrong answer for all.  This is a case-by-case analysis.

At the end of the day, the focus should always be on what is best for you and your situation.  However, what I will caution you on is not taking action simply because you are scared of what you hear on the news about the market or the current interest rates. Every market is local, and every family is unique.  Get the information you need from your lender, from your Realtor, and set yourself up for success – when the time is right!

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