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Exclusive Listings in Winnipeg

There are a variety of options to market a property – and the recommendations that we give will really vary on a case-by-case basis.  I often find that the most commonly understood type of listing is the MLS listing.  These are the listings that you will see popup on the MLS listing history.  If you are setup to receive notices by your Realtor, you will receive a notice whenever something that matches your criteria pops up.

Another option that Realtors have at their disposal is the exclusive listing – oftentimes called many other names such as a pocket listing, or off-market listing.  Essentially, it means that a Realtor has been given permission to market a property for a seller – and only they have the right to sell the property (as in, they have exclusive listing rights). Now this does not mean that this particular Realtor is unwilling to cooperate with other Realtors.  We have sold a number of exclusive listings in which we would market to our fellow realtors, as well as offer a cooperating commission for anyone bringing a buyer.  The goal (at least in my opinion), is to still ultimately get the house sold for the most amount of money with the least hassle to the seller.

An exclusive listing does tend to have less exposure.  By not being put into the MLS system, which is the number one resource that buyers and their Realtors search, you are definitely limiting the number of eyes that might land on said listing.  However, there are certainly times when using an exclusive listing agreement is appropriate.  Here are some situations in which we have found there to be good reason to list a home with an exclusive listing contract versus an MLS listing agreement:

  • Personal situation of the vendors (oftentimes the desire for a discreet sale)
  • Wanting to test price without having an MLS history of price reductions
  • Concerns about the home itself and not wanting to have too many days-on-market
  • Having greater control and oversight over the buyers coming through
  • Luxury listings in which marketing to the general public isn’t always the best use of resources
  • Privacy concerns in the case of higher-profile individuals

The majority of our clients do end up going with a full MLS listing and it is often more advisable to do so.  However, every sale is different, every seller is different, and thus selecting the alternative that is best has to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

There is no right or wrong option for listing your house in Winnipeg – there really is just a “right for you”.  Please feel free to call us anytime to consult on whether or not listing exclusively (or as a pocket listing) is right for you, or if we would advise utilizing the MLS listing system. OR, sometimes we even do a hybrid variety of both, so that you are able to take full advantage of both strategies.  Again, feel free to reach out for more information.  We are always happy to talk strategy for your specific situation.

If you would like to be added to our exclusive listing list to that you are notified anytime we have a new listing available (that isn't on the MLS), please email us at  We have a number of waterfront Linden Woods properties set to hit the market soon!

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