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Whyte Ridge is a residential subdivision of approximately 1500 homes in the southwest corner of the city of Winnipeg. It is defined by Brady Road on the west, Kenaston Boulevard on the east, McGillivray Boulevard on the north and a boundary line created by extending the path of Bishop Grandin Boulevard from a point just east of Waverley Street to Brady Road. The subdivision was built on former farmland, just south of a small town site that was historically known as Fort Whyte. The first homes in the subdivision were constructed in 1986 with construction for the area mostly completed by the late 2000's. Two large man-made lakes were excavated for the development and a ridge was created from the earth that was removed. The lakes are simply named East Lake and West Lake. While no fish have been stocked in either lake, because they drain out to the Red River through underground pipes, fish have made their way in. Whyte Ridge is approximately located 13km from downtown and the airport

Real Estate TrendsWhyte Ridge

Whyte Ridge is mostly residential homes. Most of the dwellings are single family detached homes. Price ranges for residential dwellings in the area range from $350,000 - $800,000 for houses located on lakefront lots. The majority of the houses were built in the 80' and 90's with the majority being bungalows followed by two storeys.  You will also find split levels and cab-overs in the area.


Schools and Services

Whyte Ridge PictureThe neighbourhood contains an elementary school called Whyte Ridge School, and a middle school called Henry G. Izatt ("HGI") School. Both schools are found on Scurfield Boulevard.

There is no hospital in the area of Whyte Ridge/Fort Rouge, however Victoria General is less than 5 kilometres away.


Great shopping and entertainment is just beyond the borders of this geographically desirable community. There are several retailers and restaurants located in at least five distinct retail developments (Kenaston Crossing, Kenaston Common, Linden Ridge Mall and Whyte Ridge Mall, Seasons of Tuxedo). Among the anchor tenants at these malls are Walmart, Canadian Tire, Costco, Sobeys, Ikea, and a luxury outlet mall. The malls also contain several smaller stores, several restaurants, and several financial services and insurance broker offices.

Entertainment and Recreation

Whyte Ridge/Fort Whyte has a community centre located on Fleetwood Road. It currently contains a clubhouse, toboggan slide, full sized soccer field, tyke sized soccer field, outdoor basketball court, outdoor hockey rink, fitness classes, etc.

Whyte Ridge/ Fort Whyte remain a quiet community even though it is surrounded by major thoroughfares in the city. There is plenty to do close to this community.

Popular Bus Routes

78 - Crosstown West

84 - Pembina - Whyte Ridge - Pembina

86 - Pembina - Whyte Ridge - Pembina

94 - Kenaston - Industrial Park

181 - Whyte Ridge Express


"I love this neighbourhood. We actually moved here in 2018, and I feel like we hit the jackpot. We're close to both schools, which is really great. In the summer, we can walk to, like, the dance school and the circus school down the road. And we live close to the movies and Walmart, and they're just everything's close to us. And I love walking. So that's what I love about this neighbourhood is I feel like there's lots of things that are close to us and within walking distance. I feel safe in this neighbourhood as well. Like, I think it's just a really safe, great neighbourhood." 

" I moved here in 1994, and I love this neighbourhood. Everybody is so friendly, lots of dog walkers, lots of just walkers and people are so friendly."

" I like that I'm able to walk every day and it's a safe neighbourhood. [...] My kids are growing up, but the schools are available, as community club. So it's just a very nice neighbourhood."

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