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We serve as part of the relocation team for several companies, and Executive Relocation Service Providers, as well as the Military and RCMP Relocation Service Provider (known as Brookfield) and are well aware of the DND requirements. In essence, Brookfield Relocation services are a huge component of our services.  We have successfully relocated many families! The entire Jennifer Queen Team is registered with Brookfield Global Relocation Services (BGRS) as one of their preferred Realtors when relocating to or from Winnipeg. 

For our Brookfield Relocation Military and Canadian Forces, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Members, welcome!  You have been posted and now you need to buy or sell a home in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.  This section was designed for you!  We have compiled a list of questions that our clients frequently ask based on our extensive experience in dealing with Military and RCMP relocations.  We have also compiled a relocation package.  Should that be of interest to you, please fill out the form below!

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Here are Some Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for the Brookfield Integrated Relocation Program (IRP)


Question: I have a posting message, however I have not yet met with my Brookfield Representative.  Can I buy or sell a property?

Answer: Yes. There are busier seasons in every industry, real estate included.  So there are times in which you have to wait to meet with your representative, but waiting to meet with your representative can mean you are missing out on prime selling season. In this event, you may list and even sell your property prior to your meeting with your Brookfield Representative.  We can advise you how to handle this situation. We specialize in Brookfield Military Relocation scenarios and are comfortable in advising on these matters.

Question: I still need to sell my current home.  Can I go on my House Hunting Trip (HHT) before it sells?

Answer: Most likely, no.  There are some special circumstances in which this is allowed, but in most cases you do need to sell your current home before going on your trip.  We do recommend that you sell your current home first too, as you want to be in a strong purchasing position to buy a home in your new location.  The last thing you want is to have to pay for a second HHT out of your own pocket!

Question:  I have been told that I am being posted, however I have yet to receive my message.  Can I put my house on the market now?

Answer: Yes. Your house can be listed for sale. However, if we do receive an offer prior to receiving your message that you want to accept, then acceptance can only be signed conditional on you receiving your message.  This can be a turnoff for many buyers as they do not like the uncertainty.  For this reason, what we recommend is to get everything as prepared in advance.  Let us come take the pictures, videos, measurements, prepare our marketing, so that as soon as you receive your message, we can immediately set the listing to active. Brookfield Military Relocation is what we do.  Just ask us if you have a unique situation.

Question: What is a normal possession period in the Winnipeg area:

Answer: The average length of time in which buyers will ask for possession of a home is around 30-60 days.  It really does depend on the time of year though.  We find that many people like to be situated in their new home prior to the school year starting, or prior to the holiday season, so this may vary. 

Question: When should I plan my House Hunting Trip?

Answer: 8-10 weeks’ time would be ideal given our current average possession period.  Typically, the Change of Strength (COS) date is your first day of travel. Try to coordinate the purchase and sale of your home to coincide with your COS date in order to facilitate a door-to-door move.  In some cases however, the COS date may not work with the possession date of your home, personal situation, or work requirements. In these circumstances you may need to request written approval from your Commanding Officer for a new Report for Duty (RFD) date.

Question: I want to lock in a 5-year mortgage rate but am concerned that I may be posted prior to the term of the mortgage.  I noticed this is no longer covered by the DND. What should I do?

Answer: Many banks as well as other lenders have agreed to waive prepayment penalties for relocations such as yours.  Let us put you in touch with a mortgage broker who can help you navigate the lenders that would be willing to work with your circumstances.

Question:  Do you recommend home inspections?  If so, is this covered under this program?

Answer: Yes, we do recommend home inspections.  There are circumstances (often in bidding war scenarios) in which having a home inspection condition may reduce the likelihood of having the seller accept our offer, however there are also ways to mitigate that.  We could do a pre-inspection if that helps in making you feel comfortable with your purchase.  Full disclosure though: there is still a chance even with this pre-inspection that we still lose the house to another buyer. There may be circumstances in which Brookfield does not cover the inspection, however we have not yet encountered said circumstance.  So long as you use an approved inspector, the inspector has always billed Brookfield directly and our clients didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket.  You will need to be able to provide the home inspector with the contact information for your Brookfield Representative.  We have a list of approved Home Inspectors that we can share with you.

Question: Are there other types of inspections that I should be doing?

Answer: It depends.  In Winnipeg, we are built on sand and silt, which does mean that our home foundations need to be carefully inspected.  Sometimes structural engineers need to be called in.  Additionally, if you are purchasing a rural property with a well, then it would be prudent to do a water potability test.  Some lenders will require the results just to approve the mortgage.  Many of these inspections will be covered by IRP but you must first ask the Home Inspector to recommend these tests in their report.  Then provide the report to your representative.  You will have to pay for these inspections upfront and submit receipts for repayment. We have a list of approved Brookfield Military Relocation suppliers.  Reach out and we can get these to you.

Question: My house hunting trip (HHT) is coming up!  What amount of time should I spend actually looking for a home?

Answer: Usually day one and two involve finding the home and negotiations.  Then the inspection can either be day three or four depending on inspector availability.  We should add a day just in case things don’t go to plan (something comes up on the home inspection that makes you uncomfortable).  This week is dedicated to you finding a property, not casually looking at properties.  So it is important that we do as much research ahead of time as possible, so that we have a serious list of contenders when we start looking.

Question:  I have found a house I like online and want more information.  Can you email me more details?

Answer:  Yes, of course.  We have access (including additional details) to all MLS listings.  In fact, we often receive these listings well before they hit the MLS.  Let us set you up to receive email notifications anytime something pops up that could work for you!

Question: The market has changed and I believe I am going to be selling my current home at a loss.  What can I do?

Answer: There is a provision in your IRP plan that allows for you to be reimbursed up to $15,000 (or a certain percentage of the appraised value) for any loss that you may incur when you sell your home. It is important to know this number when you are reviewing offers as it will help in your negotiating position.  Our market in Winnipeg is beginning to slow and become more of a balanced market. So awareness of this benefit is becoming increasingly important.

Question:  Can you let me know what I should bring or prepare for our House Hunting Trip?

Answer: Of course!  We have prepared a list of commonly needed items below.  This list is not exhaustive and will change based on individual circumstances.  However, we do recommend having:

  • The contact information for your Brookfield Representative.  This includes your file number with Brookfield.  Your Home Inspector and Lawyer will need these to bill Brookfield direct.
  • A cheque book.  You will be providing a cheque along with your offer called the deposit.  This deposit forms part of your down payment and is given with your offer.  It will usually be deposited within 24 hours from acceptance of the offer.  We recommend preparing to provide anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 cheque depending on the house price and other circumstances. 
  • Slip on shoes for viewing the homes.  A lot of time and effort can be expended if you wear big bulky boots. 
  • A GPS device for your rental car.  You can rent them from the car rental company too, but those may come at a cost.  If you prefer to use the GPS on your phone, that is fine but make sure it is hands free.  Manitoba is one of the most strict and aggressive Provinces for policing and penalizing distracted driving. The updated distracted driving includes a $672 fine, 3 day license suspension, 5 demerit points and a $50 license activation fee if you want your license back after the suspension. You will be given a 24 hour temporary license to get to your destination from where you were stopped.

Question: What should I expect from my Realtor when I arrive?

Answer: These trips are a priority.  As your Realtors, we try to clear our schedules for the period in which you will be here.  Our goal is to find you the right house within your timeline. We will be your guide and put you in contact with the right Home Inspectors, Lawyers, and Mortgage Brokers that are on the IRP approved list.  We are happy to chauffeur you around too, although some people prefer to do their own driving as they like to figure out the “lay of the land” on their own.  That’s cool too.  Just let us know what you prefer and we will accommodate.  We have done these relocations many times before, and know exactly what to do.

Question: What else can you help me with?

Answer: You name it, we can likely help you!  Would you like our recommendations on where to stay?  We can give you a list of hotels that our past clients have enjoyed. Are you bringing your children along but are concerned about how they will handle the process?  We would be happy to recommend a babysitter as well as fun places to visit while you are here!  Is there something that we are missing?  Just say the word.  We would be happy to help!

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