Wolseley is a centrally-located neighbourhood within the West End of Winnipeg. It was named after Sir Garnet Wolseley, a field marshal in the British Army.  In the early 1900’s it was developed as a middle and upper middle-class residential area and still houses some of the most beautiful, character homes within the City of Winnipeg. Over the years, much of the substantial homes became rental properties or rooming houses as people flocked to the suburbs of Winnipeg.  Today, Wolseley is known for its artistic and socially active young and vibrant community and has earned the title of “The Granola Belt”. According to the 2016 census, over 8000 people call Wolseley home today and report an average household income of $89,750.  The Wolseley borders are the Assiniboine River to the South, Portage Avenue to the North, Maryland Street to the East, and Ormand’s Creek to the West.  Wolseley is less than 3 kilometers to the downtown core, and approximately 6 kilometers from the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

Real Estate Trends

Wolseley is characterized mostly by turn of the 20th century homes – with much of the construction in the area being from the 1930’s or earlier.  There is not a tremendous amount of infill or new development in the area.  The majority of the home styles are bungalows, 1½ storeys, two storeys, or even 2½ storey homes, signature for the era in which they were built. There are also a number of conversion projects within the area – mostly homes that were formerly single-family homes that have now been converted into duplexes. Rooming houses are being phased out within Winnipeg, and most of the construction within Wolseley would not be approved for rooming-home style arrangements, so these options are now few. Home prices begin at $240,000 for a home in need of substantial repair, and go upwards of $800,000 for a more substantial, riverfront home. 

There are some condominium offerings within the community – some of them former apartment or even house conversions, some are townhouse or multi-level attached style options.  Prices on condominiums range from $75,000 for a bank foreclosure unit in need of substantial repair all the way up to $300,000 for a more substantial two-level condominium with 2000 square feet.

Schools and Services

Wolseley is operated by the Winnipeg School Division and has 3 Public Schools within its borders.

Ecole Laura Secord – Offering English and French Immersion Programming for Grades Kindergarten through to Grade 6.

Mulvey School – Offering English Programming for Grades Kindergarten through to Grade 6.

Wolseley School offers English Programming for Grades Kindergarten through to Grade 6.

Wolseley is also home to Villa Rosa School – a safe haven for single, young, pregnant women. 

There are no major hospitals in the borders of Wolseley. However, the neighbourhood is less than 3 kilometers from the Health Sciences Centre – one of Winnipeg’s largest hospitals.

There are no libraries within the borders of Wolseley, however Cornish Library is walking-distance from the area at 20 W Gate. 


We would be remiss if we didn’t talk about all of the shopping opportunities within Wolseley.  There are a number of small, locally owned artisan shops, bakeries, perfumeries, woodcrafters, wool shops, book stores, and many more.  Simply walk out your door and explore.  De Luca’s Specialty foods is a local favourite too – serving a variety of imported Mediterranean goodies. 

Entertainment and Recreation

There really is so much to explore in Wolseley.  Part of its charm is in the eclectic and artsy neighbours that have made this area what it is.  It is often argued that there is no better cup of coffee than one from Wolseley.  Enjoy a patio outside in the summer, or catching a small performance at a small café in the Winter.

Robert A. Steen Community Centre, located at 980 Palmerston is the main community centre within the area and offers baseball, basketball, soccer, fencing, hockey, volleyball among other programs.  It also plays host to the Wolseley Farmer’s Market which is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We highly recommend a trip to Tall Grass Prairie on Westminster Avenue – it supports local farmers and has cinnamon buns known to every Winnipegger.

Omand Park is on the western side of Wolseley and it offers great walkways, baseball diamonds, and of course, Omand’s Creek which is a hotspot for spotting wildlife. It is a really cool way to explore the great outdoors while in the heart of the city.

Popular Bus Routes

Route 10 – St Boniface – West Broadway (St. Boniface via Provencher)

Route 11 – Portage-Kildonan (Polo Park)

Route 12 – William

Route 17 – McGregor

Route 20 – Watt-Academy

Route 21 – Portage Express

Route 22 – Assiniboia Express

Route 24 – Ness Express

Route 25 – Ness Super Express

Route 26 – Logan - Berry

Route 29 – Sherbrook - Stafford

Route 36 – Northwest Super Express

Route 67 – Charleswood Express


"We love Wolseley because it's so family friendly. We have a little one and there's tons of parks. There's lots of other kids to play with, and it has an amazing community feel that I truly think you can't find anywhere else in the city."

" I love Wolseley for the people, for the neighbours. They're terrific people. And there's a real sense of connection with my neighbours. I love the trees and the plants and the diversity of summer gardens. And I love how fabulous the Assiniboine River is in the wintertime. When we're all out on the river, it becomes the best park in the city. And interestingly, the north side of the river, Wolseley, all our gardens face south. And so the space that we have behind our houses is just fabulous, filled with light."

" I moved here about a year ago, closer to my kids that live here, too, in this area, Wolseley.  I have found very friendly, welcoming. Can't believe how many dog walkers. Early in the morning, late during the day. They're very good and cleaning up after everything so I'm thankful to be here. We're having a big flower fundraiser for Winnipeg Harvest, and it brings the neighbourhood together.[..] we have lots of flowers everywhere that we will pick. And the neighbors said, Oh, pick anything from my yard. It's going to a good cause. So there you go. Neighbourhood Wolseley works together."

"The reason why I like Wolseley so, so much is because of the people, I suppose is a main thing. They're very community oriented, and they care about the same kind of things that I do. We've been here for 40 years. [...] We love this neighbourhood. [...] there's a variety of houses that are not all the same. So that really makes the neighbourhood interesting to walk in. And it's also got many little shops and places where you can grab a coffee. And it's very well situated in the city because you're close to Polo Park and you're close to the city center which makes it great to get around."

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