Royalwood is a 485 acre neighbourhood in the Southeastern portion of Winnipeg that was developed by Ladco starting with Phase 1 in 1992.  Phase two followed a decade later.  Ladco also developed several other Winnipeg neighbourhoods, namely: Southdale, Island Lakes, and Windsor Park.  The neighbourhood was designed to follow the flow of the natural habitation (forest) and river in the area.  Royalwood is bordered by Bishop Grandin Boulevard on the north, the Perimeter Highway on the South, and the Seine River and Bois-des-Esprits Park on the West. Royal Wood is approximately 12km from downtown and 20km from the airport. The area is known for its substantial homes, beautiful walking paths, and close proximity to nature.  Interesting fact: 98.6% of the forested area (nearly 90 acres) was preserved when Royalwood was developed. There are also two naturalized storm water retention ponds in Royalwood that total about 9 acres and serve the purpose of collecting, filtering, and cleaning runoff water prior to it being released back into the Seine River.

Royalwood Winnipeg Neighbourhood

Real Estate Trends

Royalwood is a higher-end neighbourhood, and approximately 97% of the homes are owner-occupied.  Prices for residential homes range anywhere between $380,000 for a more dated bungalow all the way up to $1.2 million for a substantial home backing onto a green space/waterway/lake. Common house styles in the area tend to be 90's and newer builds (some new construction still) with the majority of the home styles being bungalow and two-storey layouts with some cab-over and other custom styles. There are also a variety of condominium options within the area ranging from apartment-style complexes, to townhouse/attached style homes.  Price ranges in the condominium market range from approximately $310,000 - $425,000.  Royalwood Real Estate remains one of our areas of expertise.  Let us know how we can help!

Schools and Services

Royalwood is within the Louis Riel School Division.  It does not house any schools within the community.  Popular schools for residents in the area include:


Niakwa Place Elementary School (K-8)

H. S. Paul School (K-8)

Shamrock School (K-8)

Dakota Collegiate (9-12)

J. H. Bruns Collegiate (9-12)

French Immersion:

École Guyot (K-6)

École Van Belleghem (K-6)

Collège Béliveau (7-12)

Shorehill originally had a spot earmarked to build a school but it was later decided to convert the land to condominiums.

There are two major hospitals within 10km of Royalwood: Saint Boniface General Hospital located on Tache Avenue and Victoria General Hospital located on Pembina Highway.


Shopping is limited within the community of Royalwood.  However the community is in a convenient location in that it is surrounded by retail stores. The corner of St. Anne’s and Bishop Grandin has a number of big box stores such as: Sobeys, Michaels, and Home Depot.  South on St. Anne’s there is a plethora of restaurant options, grocery stores as well as retail stores. St. Vital mall is only a 5 minute drive from Royalwood and features over 160 stores/restaurants. The St. Vital mall boasts stores such as Walmart, Old Navy, London Drugs, The Bay, and much more!

Entertainment and Recreation

Bois Des Espirits Royalwood WinnipegWe would be doing the entire are a disservice if we didn't mention Bois-des-Espirits Park first. This urban forest imade up of approximately 117 acres contains five different ecosystems – wetland, oak forest, grassland, aspen forest, and river bottom.  It is considered a vital part of the Seine River Greenway that spans 27 kilometers. It also happens to be the largest remaining riverbank forest within the City of Winnipeg and is situated on the frontline of urban sprawl. Recall that 98.6% of this natural habitat remains undisturbed.

One special feature of the woods is a series of oxbows or abandoned riverbeds. These can be identified as U-shaped low lying areas along the trail. Oxbows were formed when a sharp bend or loop in the river eroded over time until the narrow neck of land between the two banks finally cut through creating a new straighter river channel. These abandoned river beds become highly productive river bottom and wetland habitat supporting a rich variety of vegetation and wildlife. They are a favourite resting spot for the 20-30 whitetail deer that call the Bois home.  As such, it is not uncommon to see people in canoes, or walking along the trails that abut this beautiful scenery.

Royalwood is also in a convenient location to get out of the city and explore just beyond the perimeter.  Alternatively, it is closely located to ample fine-dining establishments, as well as the St. Vital Famous Players if you would like to catch a flick.


"This is a great neighbourhood. [...] It's a great place to get out, walk my dog and it's just amazing. There's all kinds of wildlife and it's such a great neighbourhood and park to live around."  

" I love this trail. (Bois-Des-Esprit)  It's so beautiful. And it is very uplifting walking on this trail. When I don't walk this trail, I feel I'm really missing out for just the peace, the quiet. I can take time to pray. I can say hello to neighbours. " 

"You can spot deer, beaver. We've seen the bald eagle. It's just a very nice area to walk through."

"We love around here. So quiet and nice walk. We can walk."

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